Kingdom Secrets! 12

Today I want to share a dream I had that greatly impacted my life where the deceitfulness of riches was concerned.

In the dream I saw the Lord. He was just off to my right, calling to me to worship Him. My heart yearned to be with Him and to please Him and I reached out to Him in desperate desire.

Then I saw that I was already on my knees in worship except that I was worshiping before Satan. I did not get up off my knees because of the fear of what Satan might do to my money. I called out to the Lord, He looked at me, called me to come, but I stayed in that position and cried out to Him. All the while also turning back to check all was okay with the devil. Finally, I saw the Lord turn away with deep sorry on His face.

I woke up with a broken heart. I was utterly devastated with that dream. I cried for at least three weeks as I could not come to terms with the dream. Serving Mammon is not what I want to do. Jesus is my life, He is my world and everything I desire. I did not share this dream with others as the pain it aroused was to great for my heart.

A lot of things changed in my relationship with the Lord from then. As I calmed down and saying, “I’m sorry,” and bursting into tears, the Lord began to comfort me. The dream was simply a warning to show me how easy it is to be worshiping Mammon while you think you are worshiping and loving the Lord.

The warnings Jesus gave where the farmer and his seed are concerned are real warnings. He is using a story to help us understand how Satan gains access to our hearts and steals, kills, and destroys our faith, which is simply our relationship with the King. Jesus comes as the farmer, He shares His word, the seed, or His secrets about the hidden kingdom of heaven, with you so that you can grow up into all the good things He has in store for you.

He also revealed who your enemy is and named him Satan. He did not leave it there, He shared exactly how Satan gets to us to remove His Voice from being heard within you. Jesus did not share this just to be clever, He personally experienced the same attacks and learned how to overcome them. This is why He now tells us not to fear because He has overcome the world. He is now in you and whenever you turn to Him, He will teach you how to overcome the attacks.

From the time I had the dream my financial wealth began to increase dramatically. But with the increase has come all the temptations that Jesus warned about. There has been an increase on the demand of my time, more things have been stolen, I have made incorrect decisions that have cost me money, I get tired and want to be entertained rather than pray, I’m just to busy! And the list goes on.

However, in spite of the challenges, the dream has guarded my heart. Every so often the remembrance of the dream wafts through my mind, warning me of the dangers I’m facing. When it does, I stop! I have learned to pay attention to my thoughts. I will – make or force myself – to go spend more time alone in worship and fellowship with Jesus, where I deliberately FORGET the things of this world and enjoy Him and heaven instead.

A strange thing has happened in me since this time. My desire for the Lord has increased, He has shared amazing secrets with me concerning His kingdom and the things that are eternal. I am busy, but my heart and mind are conscious of Him and this consciousness continues getting stronger. I enjoy the Lord more than I ever and my prayer life has soared to new heights. I learn from the Master daily and so has my delight in Him. And our financial world keeps on increasing!

In this world you will face many troubles, many cares, many problems. You have two choices, you can let them get on top of you and bring you down or you can get on top of them and make them bow down to you.

And always remember that when Jesus speaks His goal is to bring you into that which is eternal! You are living in eternity NOW and all you do has an eternal consequence.

May you grow and prosper in your knowledge of Him.


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  1. I think the Lord has immunised me against the snare that is money. The challenge however is navigating between earning an income without getting myself snared again. I will continue to pray about it and hope He can talk to us about it.

  2. I need more of Jesus in my love, I want him every second in my life! Amen! 🙌🙌🙌