Kingdom Secrets! 5

Before I continue, I need to clarify that your heart and your spirit are not the same thing. This left me confused for many years in not being able to understand certain Scriptures. God clearly makes a distinction in His word between your heart and your spirit. You spirit is a real being, a spiritual being, just like God. And just like God, it needs a place to live and this ‘dwelling place’ we call the heart. (There are other definitions for the word heart in Scripture, but the meaning of the heart being a place is the one we are dealing with in relation to this parable.)

God reveals His secrets to those that seek Him. Many people do not actively seek to know God and as a result He remains a mystery. However, when you actively seek God in prayer, worship, meditation, etc., you will find Him revealing Himself to you constantly. He loves appearing to those who love Him. This ‘appearing’ happens in your conscience or imagination and increases as you grow or mature in Him.

Whenever you hear the Word of God Jesus is busy speaking to you. Once He has spoken to you, you become the place for the seed, or His Word, to germinate and produce fruit. There are various things that happen to His Word once you have heard it. What is important to understand now is that the responsibility for the protection, growth and maturing of the seed has passed from Jesus to you.

You are responsible for the measure to which God’s Word operates and manifests in your life!

The first thing that happens when you hear the Word is an attack of Satan. He is not going to wait around for you to bear any fruit with what God has shared with you. This is an immediate attack which causes you to promptly forget what God has just said. He does this by flooding your thoughts with other things that seem to be more pressing and in need of attention. As a result, you give attention to those thoughts and he runs off with the very revelation the Lord has just given you, thus rendering you ineffective in some area of your life.

If this has been happening to you, fear not. Jesus is not finished with you and He will not give up on you. He will come by and sow again. He will speak to you all through your life, fully expecting you to become productive at some point. He is not going to leave you nor forsake you. Not harkening to His voice is a sin and YOU HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN OF ALL YOUR SINS!

To sharpen your listening skills, I recommend that you start a journal and make notes. This way you can go back to what you heard. You could do a voice recording on your phone. If you have been listening to a sermon that has touched your heart, keep listening to it over and over, until it penetrates deep into your consciousness. Pray over what you are hearing, imagine it, look for Jesus and talk to Him. Pray in tongues over it. All these different exercises will strengthen your ability to nurture His Word within you.

After a while you will find that your spirit, which is one with the Holy Spirit, will be able to recall the Word that Jesus spoke to you.

Remember, the devil is not the problem, you are. It is your response to God that determines how far you go. The more you desire to be with God and know Him the deeper you will be rooted in Him. This is a journey not an overnight sensation.

It is through faith and patience that you inherit all that God has for you. Faithfully guard that which HE SPEAKS to you. Sharpen your listening skills. When your eyes open to see Him and your ears hear Him, it will cause you to change the way you think and bring you into the fulness of His redemption, which is the forgiveness of and victory over sin.

What plan do you need to activate today to sharpen your listening skills? 😊

To be continued …

May you hear His Voice today,


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  1. I’m in great pain and in denial I just cant deal with the loss of my nephew he was more like my son I honestly don’t know what to do I have this deep fear

    1. Hi Figgy, I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your nephew. Losing a loved one is always a difficult time and mourning is natural. Remaining in grief though is not. If you want to correspond with me get me on Love you

  2. Yvonne, I have noticed this a lot in my life – God plants theb the enemy quickly comes to snatch the seed. I will have to be more mindful of how I guard the seeds going forth

  3. Good day Yvonne

    Thank you for your constant encouragement and enlightenment.

    God bless you.