Life’s an Orchestra!

As I sat reflecting on joy and peace and grace and the name of Jesus and so many other things about the kingdom it began to sound like a huge orchestra. Life, with all its ups and downs, mood swings, thoughts that go this way and that, will, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, ultimately climax in a wonderful and powerful crescendo.

There are the instruments of joy and peace and gentleness, softly singing their beautiful melodies; then there are the instruments of power and might, with cymbals of light, drums of thunder and crashes of lightening from the throne above.  Then, suddenly, heaven is playing on your heart strings. As the praises of your heart arise the stars begin their chant and the sun and moon chime in. The wind whistles, the ocean swoosh’s, the birds chirp in, the trees of the field clap their hands and the mountains rumble. All of heaven and earth resound together in a glorious anthem to the King.

May all the glory of heaven and the wonders of the earth come alive within you till you move as one with the Lord and all that is in Him. May your hopes, your dreams and your desires come together and paint a song of many colours upon the canvas of your heart, flooding you with hope and a faith in God that leaves nothing undone or incomplete.

May your life be filled with the song of the Lord as you rest in His grace!

Sing, sing, sing!





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