Losing by Default!

Have you ever lost something by default? I think we have all suffered this fate at one time or another, and probably more than once. How many times have you thought you should do something and then don’t do it and suffer the consequences? How many “should have’s” or “could have’s” can you remember?

The universal law of, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” works in the kingdom of heaven as well, and your lack of action often causes you to lose by default. You, as a child of God have authority over created things. Jesus said it this way. If you say to this mountain with great faith and having no doubt: “Mountain be lifted up and thrown into the sea,” and believes that what he says will happen, it will be done. The principle of dealing with natural things is in believing that when you speak to them in faith they will listen to you. He did not say He would move the mountain for you, He said the mountain will move itself in response to your words.

In life you will always face mountains. There will always be tests and trials in one form or another that rise up against you, and would like to remain in the way and prevent you from having victory over them. You are the one that has been given authority over the circumstances of your life (positive and negative) but if you do not SPEAK them boldly and with confidence, commanding what you want, it will not change.

Satan wants authority over you and your life. The only way he can get the authority is when you give it to him. He is waiting for your thoughts to agree with what he is telling you in your head. As soon as you give your voice in agreement to the problem you lose by default. Satan wins. Not because God allowed it or wanted it that way, but because you did.

In order to win in this life, you need to learn how to SPEAK TO your circumstances and begin commanding then to do your bidding. This does not include people, that would-be witchcraft. You have been given the power and authority of God to deal with the issues in your life and you do this through SPEAKING TO YOUR MOUNTAINS.

It’s your turn to win. Speak!





Scripture reference: Mark 11:23 (TPT)

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