What does being lukewarm have to do with money? Is it wrong to have money? Is it wrong to be rich? Are the rich the “lukewarm people” Jesus is talking about?

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with having money. We all have money to some degree or other. No one can function without some money, and not everyone that has money is considered rich.

Secondly, it is not wrong to be rich either. I know many rich people who are not lukewarm in their faith as to who Jesus is and they firmly believe He is the Creator revealed in Genesis.

The issue with being lukewarm is not about how much money a person has but the attitude of their hearts that has arisen as a result of becoming wealthy. It is the belief that they are okay and don’t need anything else that is the deception. It is the acquisition of wealth that brings people into the social status of the rich, which is predominantly anti the belief that Jesus is God and that He is the Creator. They are mostly of the opinion that God is unnecessary and faith in Him is frowned upon. Their value system is that of the world and not that of God, and it is in this environment that a believer finds themselves pressured into becoming lukewarm.

There is a deception in wealth which challenges a person’s internal belief concerning Jesus being the final authority and His Word being faithful and true. Education challenges the belief in God as creator and these two elements can bring a person into a lukewarm position. Jesus is not preaching against a person having wealth, He is warning them about the deception that comes against those who have wealth.

The deception of wealth is self-sufficiency and self-preservation. In this place a believer can lose sight of the value of eternity because the value of today has taken pre-eminence. Neither is wealth – financial riches and prosperity – the blessing of God. Please, never equate someone’s financial blessing as favour from God or that they are blessed of God. This is one of the biggest deceptions that leads people into a place of being lukewarm before God.

As God continues to deal with the Church concerning wealth and their attitude towards Him in the midst of their wealth, He begins to reveal that which is true wealth and prosperity.

Today I just want you to think about your own attitude towards money and your view of wealth and those who you consider to be rich. Where do you stand in the privacy of your own heart, and what do you say concerning money, riches, and wealth. Remember, in the midst of worldly wealth is the temptation to deny the truth and faithfulness of Jesus and who He is as Creator and God. where do you stand in your heart concerning these issues?

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