Pergamum 13

Let’s talk a little about the soul. I am not a scientist nor a psychologist, but I am a child of God and ask Him a lot of questions? Over time He has revealed some beautiful things to me about the soul, its makeup, and its importance.

Firstly, I do not believe your soul and your spirit are the same and if you have been following the blog you will know that by now. 😊 I believe God has created us as three beings, each with their own “body,” their own mind, and their own functions. Each one of “you” are different but combined into one unit which we see as the physical body. However, inside your physical body is a being called the soul and a being called the spirit.

I also believe that each being interacts with a different dimension of God’s magnificent creation, which is not just physical. We tend to accept that there is a physical realm and a spiritual realm, but the spiritual realm has different dimensions or places. Scripture refers to the heaven of heavens and heavenly places. The heaven of heavens or the highest heaven is where God dwells and this is the realm that your spirit interacts with. The experience of heaven is no different to that of the physical body. Your spirit has a body, or a form and substance that is heavenly and able to function there.

Your body interacts with the physical realm and the physical heavens. We have no problem with that because for most of us this reality is the only one we are conscious of. Your current physical body together with the physical creation is still under the power of death and decay, however, this is changing and its change back into the glory of eternal life will one day be a reality. This physical dimension will be changed into a place where there is no more death and decay, but it will never cease to exist. This physical heaven is waiting for its redemption which will only come through the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. That is YOU! God is not going to change this dimension, we are. In this realm the body is lord and king!

That leaves you with the heavenly places. This is another dimension, just as real as the heaven we are all longing to go to, and just as real as the physical realm. However, this realm too requires a “body” or “being” that has the form and substance necessary to interact with it. These heavenly places are the invisible world that interacts with the physical world and from this realm spiritual beings exercise authority over the physical realm. In this the realm of the soul and in this realm the soul is lord and king.

Your spirit is real, your soul is real, and your body is real. The heaven of heaven is real, the heavenly places are real, and the physical realm is real. And you exist in all three. You have power and authority in each one of these dimensions. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are incredible, as incredibly wonderful and glorious as your Father. He created you. You are His prized possession, and don’t you let anyone, or anything tell you otherwise!

Humanity is so incredibly magnificent and so highly prized by God. Satan’s capture of humanity was a great prize and victory to him. However, that did not change God’s mind about humanity, and He came, incarnated in the body of the Lord Jesus Christ to redeem humanity back to Himself. How great is our God! How special are you!?

So, how do you, as a spirit, a soul, and a body, connect and interact with each other? Through WORDS. You interact with yourself (me, myself, and I) through thoughts and images that meet together in a PLACE called your heart. The spirit realm, with your spirit, is the highest realm and this realm rules over the other two. Jesus Christ owns and is Lord and King over them all. His kingdom rules. But His kingdom operates in and through righteousness, so if you want His kingdom manifest in your world you will need to bring your world into submission to His righteousness.

Next in authority are the invisible heavenly places which surround the earth. The earth, together with its invisible and visible places of authority and power belong to humanity. And it is from the heavenly places that rulership, power, dominion, and authority exercise their lordship on earth. It is in this realm that you find different spiritual beings operating. It is in this realm where we encounter Satan and demonic forces. We encounter God and angelic beings here too. And then there are the spiritual souls of men and women. Whether you are aware of it or not, you exercise a lot of power and authority in this realm and it is this power that you give which determines the degree to which light and darkness manifest in your physical world.

Jesus has taken care of the highest heavens and no satanic power or authority has access to His domain. The soul and the body have also been redeemed by Him but He has given us, His sons and daughters, the responsibility to reconcile the realm of the soul and the realm of the body back to Him. These places are our inheritance and once we wake up and take our rightful positions in righteousness that we will see our final redemption and resurrection from the dead.

The last enemy to be conquered is death. Death is the “deep darkness” that covers humanity and death will finally be conquered through our life in Christ.

To be continued …

Scripture References: Neh 9:6; Eph 3:10; 1 Cor 15:54-56;

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