Pergamum 14

I pray that your whole being is captured by the Lord’s grace and mercy and is then held captivated and mesmerised by His glory! I pray that your conscience becomes so enchanted by Him that He becomes the only thing of value to you. May He become the pearl of great price that you desire so much that you would be willing to give up everything just to have captured Him in return!

The Lord is the WORD or VOICE or THOUGHTS of God. He appears through thoughts, visions, dreams and ideas. He captivates you in the realm of your soul which is all about words. Stop and think about that. Everything that goes on inside your head is connected to words – conversations, thoughts, and ideas. This is your secret world, and it is the power centre of your whole world, both in heaven and on earth.

It is also the realm through which the kingdom of heaven gains access to the earth. God created the earth, both the invisible and visible realm, through His Voice. He took the image He had inside Him, spoke it out and then those words took on “flesh” or physical substance and appearance. Words are the invisible connections that stand between heaven and earth and your soul is the connector!

Jesus revealed it this way. Whatever you think you are in your heart, your inner world, you become. Out of the abundance of what you imagine within you your mouth will activate or speak. Remember, not every word you speak has power to change the invisible and visible world around you. But those words that you are passionate about, they will find their way out of your mouth and they will create life or death for you.

Life is about abundance. No poverty, no sickness, no death. Death is about poverty, destruction, sickness, guilt and condemnation. You choose. Which way do you want to go? You are no different to Adam and Eve. In this world you face the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – which is nothing more than whatever the world thinks, and the tree of life, which is what God thinks.


If you choose to go with the thoughts, opinions, and philosophies of this world they will end in death and the result will be that you have lost your inheritance. NOT YOUR SALVATION! You lose your inheritance, but you will always be your Father’s child!

If you choose the thoughts of Heaven you will gain great eternal rewards and many of those will spill out into your life on earth as well. If you go and read Jesus’ letters to His churches again you will see that He reveals the great rewards He has in store for those who overcome. This is for those who overcome the world by honouring His name. And I believe you are one of those!

Today you are going to be faced with decisions. You will have THOUGHTS present themselves to you. Some will focus you towards the temporary things of this world and others will present heaven and that which is eternal. God will NOT make these decisions for you. This is your department. This is your choice and He will never violate the sanctity of your own will and your own power to choose. You are created in His image and likeness. He is Lord over life and death, and as His creation and beloved child He has made you lord over your kingdom. You choose whether life or death reign in your kingdom.

Have you ever noticed that God does not just come in, snap His fingers, and change your world – even though we so often wish that He would do that! I asked the Lord this a few days ago. I was feeling overwhelmed by the death and destruction of peoples lives and the earth and asked Him why He didn’t just snap His fingers and get rid of death once and for all.

To which He replied, “I did! My death and resurrection were the snap of My fingers; however, the snap is just taking a little longer to move through your soul and your body!” 😊

Eternally, Jesus has already conquered death, hell and the grave. All authority and power over death and the works of darkness is His BUT He transferred this power over to you BECAUSE the choice still belongs to you. But make no mistake, His kingdom is increasing over the earth, righteousness, joy and peace are being established because His people – you and me – are waking up, rising up, and taking our positions in the heavens and executing His righteous judgments.

You are an incredible creation! 😇💖


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