Pergamum 25

When we see the word “darkness” in Scripture, does it always refer to evil? No, it does not. The word “darkness” can also refer to that which is hidden or that which is still a mystery.

Sadly, we have been trained in believing that everything dark is evil and this will grossly distort the interpretation of many Scriptures. For example, in Psalm 18:11 it says that the Lord made darkness His covering. If you interpret the word darkness as evil, then it would mean God covers Himself with evil. If this were true then He would be the source of evil, making Him both God and the devil at the same time. But Scripture says there is no one good except God and that He is the God of light and in Him there is no darkness at all.

The true rendering of Psalm 18 and others would be that the Lord covers Himself in mystery and things that have been hidden in secret places. Learning to correctly interpret the meaning of a word in a passage of Scripture is so important.

Anyway, after reasoning with the Lord I have decided to change how I refer to Satan’s realm as the realm of darkness to the realm of/in corruption. Everything in the realm of death is corrupt and this includes all sin, sickness, disease, and everything that causes loss, death, and destruction. The world we live in is a world filled with corruption and we complain about all sorts of corruption all the time. How many times have we wailed about corrupt governments, companies, and people? I think we have a far better understanding today of the word corrupt when it comes to evil.

Understanding corruption, or the mystery of lawlessness, is going to become very important going forward. Knowing how corruption gains momentum and how to stop it is the whole point of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. His purpose was to destroy the works of the devil, the works of sin which empower corruption. He did this through the cross. Now He enforces that victory in and through us as we separate ourselves to Him and align ourselves with His righteousness.

As a child of God in this world, you are an alien. You are not part of this world. You are only moving through it for a very short period of time. I know this seems long to us, however, if measured in the light of eternal time, it would be less than a second! You are His ambassador and as such are here on a mission from heaven, which is to bring heaven to earth an to put a stop to the corrupt works of the devil.

Sounds like the end of the Book of Revelation! This is where we are headed, and you have a great part to play in all this. Please do not think you are a mere worthless little worm! You are one of the most powerful beings in the universe. You are a son/daughter of the Most High God and the realm of corruption is deathly afraid of you.

From today on, please do not be afraid of Satan or any of his works. Know who you are! Know your rights. Know your assignment. Know your power. Jesus Christ is coming to earth, and He is coming through His beloved Church!

Tomorrow we will look at how corruption gains its power and how to bring it to nought.

Have a wonderful day!


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