Philadelphia 16

Jesus told the saints in Philadelphia that He was coming swiftly and to hold on till He comes so that no one would steal their crowns. But they all died before He came back. Now what? Did they all fail and let go? Did they lose their crowns? Did they lose their salvation? Is it their fault that He did not return? And now, 2000 years later He has still not returned. What is going on here?

We have all heard about the soon return of the Lord and we should all be looking forward to it. But what if we die before the Lord returns? I think there is more to what Jesus meant when He said that He was coming soon and that we should hold on until He comes so that no one would take our crown.

There are three statements the Lord makes here, and I think each one is important. One thing I have noticed as I have journeyed through these letters is that they are important and pertinent to each believer in each generation. Therefore, everything He says in His Book, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, is relevant to you in your lifetime. This raises many questions, like how the dragon and the beast and the false prophet are related to you and the Church today. What if these are not future events but things that are happening in our lives right now? 🤔

What if the Revelation of Jesus Christ is all about our walk with the Lord here on earth, our relationship or union (marriage) with Him, our duty or function on earth, our victory over demonic forces, our eternal rewards and the coming of His kingdom in and through us? Think about it. Then, when He says the times and seasons are in our hands, not His, it shows our responsibility in ushering in His return to earth.

But I come swiftly, so cling tightly to what you have, so that no one may seize your crown of victory. (Rev 3:11 TPT)

But I come swiftly. If you keep this statement in line with the previous statement where Jesus says He will keep you from the hour of trial, being death, then His coming swiftly makes more sense. Your life on earth is short and His coming for you will not be long or delayed.

Did you know that the Greek word used for “come” is written in the third-person singular, present indicative (present act), which is a present tense reality, and not a distant one. It can be translated as “He is now coming or appearing” or “He is in the act of coming/appearing and continues to come or continues to appear.” So, the coming of the Lord is something that the Lord is doing right now. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is about Him appearing and manifesting Himself to you, now, here in this world and in your life.

The Bible says that your hope of glory is Christ in you, or the revelation of who Jesus Christ is to you, in you, with you, and through you. His indwelling presence is your glory and your indwelling presence in Him is His glory.  (Col 1:27 NIV) There is so much majesty and mystery about your union with the Lord. He delights in you, and you delight in Him. He reveals Himself to you and you reveal yourself to Him. Okay? Does He not already know everything about you? Yes, He does, but He delights in the way you choose to think about Him and how you live with Him in your inner world. Here in your heart and mind He lives with you. Here He has conversations with you; teaches you; trains you in righteousness, introduces you to His friends (angels and other hosts of heaven).

This inner world is where you build your life with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Here He appears to you and reveals Himself to you. He is constantly in the act of coming and appearing to you. He knows every movement you make, every thought you take and every word you speak. He loves and admires you and gets elated when you love and admire Him back. This is not a union based on your perfection but on your inner conversation with Him as you learn to walk in His ways and discover the majesty of HIs kingdom as He calls you to “Come up here!”

Love and joy!


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