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There are a mysterious group of people Jesus calls “the synagogue of Satan.” Who are these people and what “synagogue” do they belong to? To add to that Jesus says they say they are Jews, but are not, they are liars. (Rev 3:9)

Firstly, Jesus is not referring to physical Jewish people nor the synagogues they meet in. Jesus is not against the Jews or any other nation on earth. He came and died for every nation, language and tribe on earth and does not show favouritism to any Jew or Gentile. Remember, our warfare is not against flesh and blood – Jews and Gentiles or believers and unbelievers. Our war is against Satan and his hordes and how they operate against humanity from the heavenly realm. Also, Jesus was a Jew and worshipped God in Jewish synagogues. If they were satanic places of worship, He would not have worshipped there for that would have made Him an idolater.

A synagogue is another name for church. It is simply a place where people get together to fellowship with one another and to worship God. The Jews represent a group of people that have a particular God, doctrine, and method of worship. And just as there are false apostles, false prophets, false teachers and false saints, there are false teachings and doctrines in the church. These people promote and teach doctrines that draw you away from the message of God’s grace (His incomprehensible love, mercy, and forgiveness) to teachings that require you to do or be something they think is holy in order for you to be acceptable to God.

Teachings that come from “the synagogue of Satan” are anti grace and your absolute forgiveness of sin through the blood of Christ. Grace is the power of God that teaches you to say no to, or to overcome, the works of sin and death. The message of God’s grace is probably one of the most attacked messages in the church today and many saints have been put off listening to anything regarding grace for fear of it being something that will somehow make them to sin to their hearts content. This is a perversion of the gospel of Jesus Christ and therefore a doctrine that finds its origination in the synagogue of Satan. The “Jews who are liars” are the ministers that openly oppose the message of God’s grace, which is the forgiveness of ALL your sin and your freedom from sin through the blood of Jesus.

These false doctrines/teachings of demons all have their theology based in the Law of Moses and how you are going to be cursed if you do not obey the law, meaning “God is going to do, or is doing, something terrible to you because you sinned!” No, Jesus removed the curse through His blood and introduced GOD as your Father who can now smother you with His love and goodness which will help you overcome the unrighteous things you struggle with in this world. God is not, has not, and never will condemn you when you blow it. Grace is not about giving you the freedom to sin (you have never needed grace or permission to sin) it gives you freedom from sin, which is the catalyst around which everything in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is all about.

Rev 1:4-6

May grace and peace be yours from the One who is, who was, and is coming, from the seven spirits who are in front of his throne, and from Jesus the Messiah, the witness, the faithful one, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth. To the one who loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood and has made us a kingdom, priests for His God and Father, be glory and power, forever and ever, Amen!

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