Requires Determination

One of the most difficult passages of scripture for me to understand has been Matthew 11:12. It says that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force. The image these words paint in my mind go cross grain to all that I am, as I hate violence. As a result, I would push it aside as I had no grasp of its meaning.

However, as I sat praying over the burden of someone I love and seeking wisdom, this scripture came to me. This time I stopped to really think about it and asked the Lord to clarify what He was trying to say. Then I heard these words, “The kingdom of heaven requires determination and determined people take hold of it by force.” I suddenly realized why we sometimes miss receiving the things that God has promised us. We are not determined, or not willing to stay the course, until we have what we desire in our possession.

The kingdom of heaven requires determination and determined people take hold if it by force!

Often the process of time wearies us, our thoughts wonder away from the promise, and soon Doubt begins to take the stage. Doubt always begins with the question, “Why is this happening to me, or why me Lord?” This opens a dialogue in our hearts with the realm of darkness and if we allow these thoughts that oppose our knowledge of the truth in Jesus to persist, they will wear us down until we quit and give up on the hope we had when we first believed.

The manifestations of God’s promises do not come from the physical world we observe around us. They come from the kingdom of heaven and the only avenue, or let’s call it a portal, they have to get to earth and manifest themselves is through you. You are the gateway for the kingdom of heaven to come to earth. The key is in you staying open and that requires forceful determination from you to deal with every thought that opposes what you have asked for.

Your fight is not against what you do or do not have. It is against the thoughts that war with you in your heart and mind. One moment you are full of hope and excitement, the next moment life contradicts what you believe, and you entertain doubt and hopelessness. This is why you don’t receive or see the manifestations of the things you want.

The Lord’s promises to you are all YES and AMEN. Jesus said that whatever you ask the Father for in His name, He would give it to you. The problem is not on His side. He is faithful, and His promises are sure. Once He has said yes, He will not change His mind and say no. His mind is made up, the victory, healing, deliverance, finance, etc., you have asked for has been settled and established in heaven. The angels have been assigned and instructed to bring it to you, but unless you keep the gateway of faith in your heart open they cannot get here with your request.

Don’t be fooled, this is not up to God it is up to you. He will help you, encourage you and comfort you through the process with His Voice, but yielding to it and being determined to stay focused with a heart that is thankful towards Him is up to you. As soon as you start blaming Him you know you’ve lost the fight.

Someone that believes cannot be dissuaded from their thoughts or opinion. No matter what you say they will stay fixed and will not allow any thought, argument, or pretension that rises up against it to be entertained. In fact, they get irritated and often aggressive when someone opposes them. There may be no manifestation or evidence that what they believe is real, but as far as they are concerned it is, because they see from a different realm. In their heart it is real, and it is firmly established. Time has no bearing to them. There is a conviction deep within them that is so strong you will not deter them from their course.

This does not mean they don’t have negative thoughts or emotions arise, they DO! They just refuse to entertain them and will not give VOICE to them. This kind of determination brings them criticism from others because faith looks foolish to those who don’t know faith. However, these are the ones that fight the fight within their hearts and minds and win. These are the ones that receive what they have asked for. These are God’s heroes, because they dared to believe!

The greatest fight you will have in this life is not physical or based on the things that you have achieved, it is purely based on your personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. Spending time in His presence, getting to know Him, loving Him, and enjoying Him are the secrets to the great rewards of heaven. And TIME can be your greatest enemy. Life tends to get us so busy that we build and do wonderful things but neglect our time of prayer and fellowship with Him. This comes at a great eternal cost. This cost is not the loss of your salvation, but the loss of your rewards and the sadness in the Lord’s voice when He says you’re not entering His temple but will have to spend eternity on the outskirts of heaven, without reward and far from His presence and glory. This may not mean anything to you now, but it will when that day comes.

However, I do not believe this is true of you. I believe that when you stand before Him one day He will look at you, catch you up in His arms and say, “Well done, you are awesome! Come, I want to show you all the things I have planned for you and the great treasures I want to give you.”

Scripture reference: Matthew 11:12; Romans 13:11; Luke 17:20; 2 Corinthians 2:14; John 16:23; 2 Corinthians 1:20; Matthew 25:41

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