Romancing the Stone

How, exactly, do you romance a stone?

I took the name from the title of a movie but there is a lot of truth in that statement. The Bible calls us “living stones” and our Savior is called “The Rock!” – That’s because He rocks!! 😊

There are “stones” that live and breathe and move upon the face of the earth, but they are not “living” stones. They are made of the earth, but we are made of the very essence and substance of God! We live and breathe and move in the atmosphere of heaven. Our home is not on this earth but in the wonderful and delightful, ever enchanting and mysterious realm of heaven. And in this place, there is a Rock whose name is Jesus.

To romance someone is to have a love affair with them. Some definitions of romance are chivalric love and adventure, and to have an emotional attraction or aura belonging to an especially heroic era, adventure or activity. It is delightful, charming, entertaining, enchanting and mysterious. It is filled with joy and ecstasy. Anyone that has ever experienced “first love” has an idea of the romantic imaginations and desires that fill the heart and soul.

This is the love that Jesus warned you not to lose. He desires a giddy, exciting, adventurous love affair with you. He desires to have a romantic love affair with you. He wants to be your knight in shining armour, your conquering King and the delight of your eyes. He wants you to come with Him on mysterious adventures through His kingdom and join you on conquering adventures in your kingdom.

Jesus is so enthralled by you that He will never leave you. You are far to fascinating. Like a man chasing the woman of his dreams till he has conquered her heart, so the Lord will continually chase after you till He has completely captured your heart. And he is a Rock, you are a stone, so you may as well give up and surrender your heart to Him. 😊

Here is the promise. If you will turn your affections towards Him, seek His face and live in His presence you will find yourself on a journey that is far beyond anything you have yet hoped for or imagined.

Go on, romance the Rock and see what happens! 😊

Have a romantic day! 😊





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