Sardis 18

It seems like the Lord gave the revelation of who He is as The Captain of the Lord’s hosts to the angel over the church of Sardis. The wonder in all this is that Jesus comes to defend you, to minister to you, and to help you with an entire angelic army! You are not alone in this world.

To the church in Sardis He reveals angelic beings that He holds in His right hand. His right hand represents His omnipotence, His greatest blessing, position, and power. I think what the Lord is trying to reveal to us through this angel is that He uses and entire heavenly army, council and congregation (cloud of witnesses) in heaven to accomplish His plans and purposes with the church, and you personally, in the earth. More and more saints are beginning to experience the ministry of the angels and I pray this is true for you too.

Jesus revealed himself as the Captain of the Lord’s hosts to Joshua (chapter 5). Joshua was about to lead the children of Israel out of the wilderness and into the promised land. As he got near to Jericho he looked up and there was a man standing opposite him with a drawn sword in His hand. This was the Lord, not and angel, and He looked like a man. Joshua asked Him whose side He was on, Israel or his enemies. The Lord replied, “Neither, I am here as the Commander of the Lord’s army. Now I have come.”

Interestingly, Jesus replied that He is not on either side, yet He comes to Israel. Why? Because Israel has a covenant with God. He is not interested in taking sides in human warfare, He only comes to the one that has a covenant with the God of heaven. In this case it was Israel. In this world God is not fighting for or against human beings. He fights for His saints and against the forces of darkness in the heavenly realms. It should be the same with us. We should not be fighting against the things human beings do, no matter how ungodly. Our war is against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in the heavenly realms and not on the earth.

In heaven, God has blessed you with every spiritual blessing available in the heavenly realms.

Every spiritual blessing has already been lavished upon you as a love gift from your wonderful heavenly Father, the Father of your Lord Jesus – all because He sees you wrapped up in Christ. This is why you celebrate Him with all your heart.

And He chose you to be His very own, joining you to Himself even before He laid the foundation of the universe! Because of His great love, He ordained you, so that you would be seen as holy in His eyes with an unstained innocence.

For it was always in His perfect plan to adopt you as His delightful child, through your union with Jesus, the Anointed One, so that his tremendous love that cascades over you would glorify His grace – for the same love He has for His Beloved One, Jesus, He has for you. And this unfolding plan brings Him great pleasure. (Eph 1:3-6 TPT I deliberately made it first person tense for you).

Do you have any idea how great and precious you are to the Lord? Nothing in heaven or on earth compares with you! You are His very own, unique, and deeply loved son/daughter in whom He takes great delight. He has an unimaginably great plan for your life, and He comes with an entire host of angelic beings to assist Him in getting His perfect plan done in your life.

So, chin up, lift your head, and lift your eyes, for great is the One that is with you!

Have an angelic day!


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