Sardis 19

I trust you are enjoying your journey with the Lord and continue to look forward to His appearing with great joy and excitement. I pray your week is filled with the wonderful treasures of revelation as He continues to make Himself known to you.

I learned something very interesting about angels over the weekend. Angels and demons are spiritual beings which differ from humans because they do not have physical bodies which we experience as humans. Our spirit has a spirit body, just like every other heavenly being but our complete makeup is different to theirs. The word angel means “messenger” and describes a function carried out by heavenly beings. An angel is a heavenly being that comes as a messenger from the Father to deliver a message to someone.

Heaven is filled with many different heavenly, or spirit, beings and creatures, all of whom God could use to deliver a message to the church or someone He desires to send a message to. This heavenly spirit being would be referred to as an “angel” or a messenger. I am still learning and will share more as I get to know more.

In the meantime, we are looking at the messages God has sent to the seven churches through the heavenly beings that preside over the church. I think it is important to understand that there are different heavenly beings with different appearances because there are so many different heavenly beings mentioned in the Book of Revelation. They all have messages that they convey to the church or other spirit beings (Satan, demons, and other evil spirit beings). They all have messages, which means they are “angels”, but their appearance is very different from each other. And, just like us, no spirit beings look the same, even if they are from the same group.

Before God created us, His human family on earth, He created His heavenly family. I have never really considered that spirit beings are also His family, but He created them and calls them His own. But there is a very big difference between them and humanity. Humanity is created in His image and likeness and we are sacred to Him. He does not indwell heavenly spiritual beings, but He has created human beings to be His holy temple in which He lives. We are His NEW creation, and He lives and moves and has His own life within each of us. This is what sets us apart from every other being that God has created. Humanity is His crown and glory. This makes you unique beyond imagination and highly prized and honoured in the heavenly kingdom of God.

The spirit of wisdom, whom we have already come to see is a spirit/heavenly being in the presence of the Father says this in Proverbs 8:31 (TPT)

“I laughed and played, so happy with what He had made, while finding my delight in the sons of men.”

Heavenly beings that are with the Father take delight in you. Fallen heavenly beings have only hatred for you. But Jesus has elevated you to a position that is far higher in power and authority than any fallen spiritual being and when you know who you are, they will flee from you.

Just remember, if you are a member of God’s family, your Father is not interested in anything Satan (demons) have to say about you! Nothing! He is not interested in their opinion of you nor their hatred towards you. You are His and all He cares about is who you are as His glorious child.

Your Father loves you! 💕


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