Sardis 31

Jesus, in His sermon on the mount, tells His followers to love their enemies and to pray for those who persecute them …

Please note, they were being persecuted – going through hard times because of cruel and unjust people, which in this case was the tyrannical oppression of the Romans. The Israelites were under a severely oppressive government who had no regard for their lives, their children, their business, or their belongings. They got into this mess because of rebellion against God, yet here God was now present in their midst, showing them how to overcome their enemies through the power of loving and praying for them.

He continues as tells them why they should be loving and praying for their Roman oppressors and not cursing or condemning them. “So that you may become children of your Father in Heaven because He makes His sun rise on both evil and good people, and He lets rain fall on the righteous and the unrighteous.”

Notice how Jesus says that when you pray for and love your enemies you become (grow up as) a child of your Father in Heaven. All of creation is groaning under the weight of humanities sin, waiting for the sons and daughters of heaven to manifest themselves. This manifestation is demonstrated in a character that loves the unlovely and prays for their enemies because they know the love their Father has for all humanity. These sons and daughters understand their power and position to bring righteousness, joy, and peace to earth. They know how to destroy the works of demonic beings.

Jesus did not come to remove persecution, He came to empower His children with the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of heaven so that they could rule and reign over the works of darkness and deliver others from the tyrannical oppression of Satan.

Was God being unkind to the Israelites because of their sin? Is God unkind in allowing persecution and oppression towards His people and the world? Well, He would be if He was the author of all of this, but He is not. He came to destroy the works of darkness and rescue humanity from the oppression of Satan and other fallen angels. Satan and the other angels that fell with him are the authors of sin and they are the ones God declared guilty of sin from the beginning. Adam and Eve’s involvement with Satan brought death and destruction in this world which God created for us. Jesus came and redeemed humanity and in His victory over Satan and others at the cross restored the rightful and legal authority back to humanity. Jesus inherited everything in heaven and on earth from the Father through His death and resurrection because He fully overcame His enemies. This inheritance He now shares with those who are willing to obey Him and follow His instructions.

His goal has not changed. He has the authority over humanity and can do whatever He wants. However, that was not, is not, and never will be His goal. His purpose was that now, through the CHURCH (you and me) He would enforce His victory over sin and death and restore us back to God’s original plan and intent for humanity, which is to rule and reign with Him in the Father’s kingdom. He has given us, His beloved sons and daughters the responsibility to rule and reign over the works of darkness on earth. This will continue to be His plan until we have successfully brought all things under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

You are not a human being; you are a child of God. Scripture calls you a foreigner and an alien in this world. You are one with and have the most incredible and powerful Being living within you. He is the Holy Spirit. He is there to help you, to encourage you, to teach you, to train you, and to develop you into a fully matured SON OF GOD. He is the Holy Spirit that walked with Jesus as a man and taught Him all things pertaining to life and godliness. He is now with you too.

Persecution, tests, and trials are only a part of this world. They will not go into eternity with you. Your glory in this life is in learning how to rule and reign with the Lord in the heavenly realms and over the earth. This is an awesome calling and a great privilege. If you are facing difficulties, hurt, heartache, loss, pain, or any other kind of suffering, remember the One who is in you. Seek His face and listen to His instructions. Bring your mind into obedience to His thoughts (repentance) and grow up. The Father is waiting and watching for the time when He can seat you on His throne with Him so that you can rule and reign with Him for all eternity.

Come beloved, the time to rise and shine is upon you.

With great expectation …


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