Sardis 32

Far from being a bad end times story, the Book of Revelation is a revelation of Jesus as our King and High Priest and our priesthood and kingship with Him before our Father. It is a beautiful mystery through which Jesus reveals the manifold wisdom of God to the principalities and powers in the heavenly realms through you and me.

To me, the very least of all the saints, this grace was given so that I might proclaim to the gentiles the immeasurable wealth of the Messiah  and help everyone see how this secret that has been at work was hidden for ages by God, who created all things.  He did this so that now, through the church, the wisdom of God in all its variety might be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realm  in keeping with the eternal purpose that God carried out through the Messiah Jesus our Lord, in whom we have boldness and confident access through his faithfulness. (Eph 3:8-12)

Through religion Satan has done a good job in keeping the saints in a “I am not good enough” mindset. The preaching of “what a sinner you are” and “you must repent” will forever keep the saints focused on their earthly problems, faults, and sins. While this often seems so holy, it is not.

Holiness is activated by what Jesus accomplished at the cross, which is your ETERNAL FORGIVENESS from all sin for all time.

Your righteousness and holiness come from God. You are holy and righteous because you are born of God, who is righteous and holy. Scripture says that you are His express image and as He is so are you, here, now, in this world, at this time, in this moment. If you are in Christ then you are holy, righteous, and pure. It is from this position, knowing in your heart and mind that God is not offended or angry with you and that He has forgiven you, that you begin to gain victory over sin and death.

We really do need to get our order right. You do not become holy because you never commit any sin or do anything wrong. Righteousness is God’s gift to you. You cannot earn it; it is freely given to you. When you accept God’s incredible gift of righteousness as your own it will empower you to deal with the temptations of sin and to overcome them. And as much as you could not earn righteousness by “not doing anything wrong” you cannot keep it by “not doing anything wrong.” Your behaviour is simply an outworking of what you believe on the inside.

It is your faith in who Jesus Christ the Son of God is and that He rose from the dead that makes and keeps you righteous. This is incredibly powerful and mind glowingly amazing! Faith in God requires you to think, believe, and see yourself as He has made you and who you are now as an eternal child of God. Faith is rooted in God’s love and thoughts of you. This requires you to be heavenly minded – or to think of who you are in heaven where there is no sin, sickness, or death. You are not going to be a holy child of God once you die, you are a holy child of God now.

Scripture says to set your mind on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father. This is the same place that He has raised you up to. This means He has placed you in a very high position, far above this world and all its rules, regulations, do’s and don’ts, rights and wrongs.

You are a holy heavenly child of God who is learning to take what the Father has blessed you with and to enforce this in your life here on earth. When you know that you are pure and holy and righteous before the Lord, then you will begin to live in the wonder of blissful fellowship with Him and nothing on earth will be able to stop you from being victorious and from living a life of holiness, righteousness, and justice.

Yet there are still a few in Sardis who have remained pure, and they will walk in fellowship with Me in brilliant light, for they are worthy. Rev 3:4

Come most holy one, sit and be at rest in the Father’s incredible love for you.

Holiness and righteousness to you from God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.


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