Sardis 4

As you continue this journey with me please remember I am still learning. There are others that have ventured far deeper into the things of the kingdom than I have. But here, on this blog I only write that which is a revelation to me. If I don’t know I will say so and I certainly do not know everything. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into the ever-enchanting mysteries of heaven and make them real to you.

Jesus reveals to these blessed saints that He is the One that holds the seven spirits and the seven stars in His hand. The seven spirits, as I said before, I have already met and am learning more about them. I will briefly share the little I know which I hope will help you in your journey with the Lord. I hope above all else that the joy associated with the wonders of the kingdom of heaven will flood your heart and cause you to desire the deep and intimate secrets that Jesus longs to share with you.

There are seven spirits, or heavenly beings, that stand before the throne of God. I grew up having been taught that these spirits were the seven-fold manifestation of the Holy Spirit, or His character. I had never sought any further understanding and accepted it as such until the Holy Spirit began to take me on the journey into the heavenly realms.

PS: This journey is in my understanding and imagination and comes while I am spending time in intimate prayer with Him. When you are in His presence and fellowshipping with Him then the Holy Spirit will lead you into the truth, teach you His mysteries, and bring you into the most wonderful heavenly encounters that take place in your heart where He lives.

Scripture does not reveal much about these seven spirits yet here we are, Jesus is revealing them to the most backslidden church in His kingdom! This means you do not have to be “perfect” in your walk with Him in order to come to know them. In fact, knowing them will keep you from backsliding! My question was, “Why aren’t we taught about them when we first come to salvation?”

These beautiful heavenly beings are given to the church from Jesus. They are real and they have a role to play in your life with the Lord. They function together with the Holy Spirit, or under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, to teach you and train you in righteousness which is the foundation of His kingdom.

Please note, Jesus came with angelic or heavenly beings, not pastors, apostles, or teachers. The role of the “five-fold” ministry, I believe is supposed to teach and train us in the things of heaven so that we can fulfil our calling and service to our Father while we are on this planet. Their job is to introduce you to the Lord, to the Father, to the Holy Spirit, and to the rest of the hosts of heaven.

And I am not criticizing anyone, I have been both a pastor and a teacher and had no clue about these wonders let alone how to engage God with all this. It was only after the Lord instructed me to close the church and revisit the foundations that all this really began to unfold in me (and it has been a 6-year journey. You will not learn all this overnight; it is a precious journey into the hidden secrets of the kingdom.)

Also, do not go seeking after them. Seek the Lord’s face at all times and let Him be the one that leads you and introduces you to them. Ask Him to reveal them to you. As we look at a very simple “definition” of who they are you will have something for your soul (mind) to anchor to and help you in your seeking, knocking and asking.

I promise you; you will begin having fun with the Lord.

Have an awesome day!



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