Sardis 8

Time might have flown by on a whisky white comet but not a day has gone by without me thinking of you and wondering how your walk with the Lord is going. I pray that every day finds you growing in His love and grace, even in the bad ones. 😂

Two of the Spirits that stand before the throne of the Lord are called the Spirit of Knowledge and the Spirit of Understanding. It is easy to think that they are the same, but they are not. Their functions are different and each one trains you in the sphere that they carry authority in. They are angelic beings, strong and powerful, and carry the glory of the Lord so please treat them with much love and the utmost respect.

Take note of the angel Michael’s attitude towards Satan in Jude 1:9

Even the archangel Michael, when he argued with the devil over the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him. Instead, he said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

I think it is important that we check our attitude towards spiritual beings before we engage them, or even rebuke them. The seven Spirits of God that are before His throne are not our “servants” even though their function is to serve us. Approach the things of God with reverence and respect. Your attitude will keep you safe and the Holy Spirit will be able to lead you into all the wonderful truths that lie beyond the physical seen world you live in.

The words knowledge and understanding are closely related and often taken as having the same meaning, but I will try and help you understand the difference from a heavenly perspective.

The Spirit of Understanding

The Spirit of Understanding helps you to gain a mental grasp so that you can comprehend how things work together and how they relate to each other in the kingdom of heaven. Please be heavenly and eternally minded when you try to grasp the meanings of heavenly things. The Lord has mandated a throne, a position of authority, for you in the heavenly realms and the Spirit of Understanding comes alongside you as a teacher or tutor to help you grasp your position of authority and how your authority relates to others in the kingdom of heaven.

So give your servant an understanding mind to govern your people, so I can discern between good and evil. Otherwise how will I be able to govern this great people of Yours? 1 Kings 3:9 (ISV)

Understanding the things of heaven and how heaven operates will help you to discern between good and evil. This is vital for your function as a son/daughter of God and your call to rule and reign in heaven and on earth.

The Spirit of Knowledge

The Spirit of Knowledge helps you gain the experiences of the kingdom of heaven. It takes you beyond the things that the Spirit of Understanding has taught you to grasp. The Spirit of Knowledge engages your thoughts and feelings to where you become intimately involved with the Lord. As you gain the experiences of the Kingdom of Heaven you will become familiar (family friend) with the Lord. This is what Jesus means when He said,

Depart from Me, I never “knew” you. (Mat 7:23 KJV)

This is the Lord’s point in His letter to the Ephesians. They had departed from their “first love” or their intimate experiences of love and friendship with Him. The Lord does not just desire for you to know about Him like a servant knows his master, but to experience Him like a close and intimate friend and lover.

You are the love of His life and He desires to be the love of your life too! 😊

Take some time to be quiet in the presence of the Lord and ask Him to introduce you to the wonderful spiritual beings that dwell before His throne. Be still and let your thoughts and imagination become alive (or conscious of) the heavenly beings in the throne room.

Have a wonderful experience with Him. 😊


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