Have you ever felt separated from God when you sin? Why is this and how do you deal with it?

I think this is so common in our Christian experience and the reason we feel this way is because of the sinister power of sin. Sins feelings of guilt and condemnation make us think we are unworthy and deserving of punishment in some way or another. Sin is the life force of death and as we know life and death do not dwell together.

Here’s the thing though. Most Christians feel that their sin has angered God in some way and that God has distanced Himself from them. Nothing could be further from the truth! It’s our own thoughts and visions in our minds of God being angry, hurt or disappointed with us because of what we have done, that causes these feelings.

This is OUR response to sin, not God’s response to our sin.

The truth is that God NEVER distances Himself from us, we distance ourselves, in our minds and hearts, from Him. There is a big difference here.

If you look at the first sin, that of Adam and Eve, you find them hiding, or separating, themselves from God. They were the one’s afraid of God. It was their own conscience that separated them. Nothing changed for God. He still came, same as He always did, in love and gentleness, looking for His beloved.

Did God know they had sinned? Yes, of course He did, but this did not change His love and desire for their presence. And in God’s love and tenderness He told them about the consequences their sin would produce. AND THEN He clothed them and continued to take care of them. He NEVER forsook them, He NEVER left them, and He never let them down.

No matter what happens or what mistakes you make, the Father is always waiting for you to be with Him. It is in His presence, His love, and His forgiveness that you find the strength to overcome your weakness and failures. He is within you, patiently waiting for you to fall into His loving hands!

May unending love follow you! 😊





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  1. That is the feeling of guilt that makes us feel aloof from God’s love and care!

    Thank you Lord for loving us no matter what we have done!