Merry Christmas!

In the early hours of the morning Dave and I heard a loud crash of broken glass. Our first thought was that someone had broken the window looking for access. My heart beat and my first reaction was to grab the panic button. Dave grabbed his torch and checked the windows. Nothing. Nothing in the dressing room either. In the bathroom, however, the mirror lay shattered on the shower floor.

As I thought about the shattered mirror I thought about how often people look at their lives and all they see is the shattered and broken pieces that seem to just lie on the floor. They look in the mirror and see faults and marks and blemishes. And the “if only” thoughts arise and haunt like shadows in the mind.

There are two types of mirrors that we look at in our lives, however, there is only one that the Lord says we should be “looking into.” The first mirror is the one on the wall where we see what we think we look like. Most of the time though our dissatisfaction with ourselves is simply because we compare ourselves with the thoughts and opinions of the world around us. Jesus says that looking into this mirror is foolishness.

Then there is the “Magic Mirror”!

When you look into this mirror you will not find a single flaw. The more you look the more perfect you become. There is not a single failure, no wrinkles, no blemishes, just perfect beauty full of holiness. When you look into this “Magic Mirror” which has an extraordinary power or influence that comes form a supernatural source, you begin to see light and fire and life. You begin seeing that you look just like the One in the mirror – JESUS – you look like Jesus.

Now, Jesus looks very different today to what He looked like when He walked on the earth. If you saw Him now you would see a Being that looks like a son of man but His head and hair are white as wool, as white as snow glistening in the sun, His eyes blaze like fire, His feet glow like bronze in a fire, and His voice sounds like thunder. He is dressed in a long white robe with a golden sash. He is the one that holds the mirror into which you need to be looking.

This magic mirror is called HIS WORD!

The truth is that you look just like Him! You shine, your eyes blaze like fire, your feet glow, your voice thunders and you are clothed in beauty itself. When you look into HIS WORD you will behold HIM and the more you behold HIM the more you become just like HIM. As He is so are you – IN THIS WORLD!

Now, take the ugly mirror off the wall! Let it shatter. Put the “Magic Mirror” called “The Word” on the wall and look into it as often as you like and for as long as you want.

Get involved with the MAGIC!

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 13:12; James 1:23-25; Revelations 1:12-16; 1 John 4:17

Have a magical day! 😊





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