Smyrna 15

So, does the synagogue or church of Satan, whom Paul called Judaizers, still exist today and if so where are they? Yes, they do, and these satanic messengers sit in the congregations of the saints.

The Judaizers, also called false teachers, false prophets, false apostles, and false brethren, insisted that the new non-Jewish believers had to be circumcised and be required to keep the Law of Moses. This caused serious division, strife, and tension among the saints, never mind the confusion in their minds and hearts.

Jesus came as a man under the Law of Moses and fulfilled all its requirement for holiness. He did not fail in keeping all the righteous commandments of the Law. This resulted in Him becoming a holy and acceptable sacrifice for the remission of sin. His blood was holy. Moses brought the Law, which is the power of sin and death, but Jesus came and instituted a New Law, called grace and truth, through the power of His blood!

It’s the blood that cleanses you from sin and decrees you as holy in God’s sight, not the keeping of the Law. When you come to God in praise and thanksgiving for the sacrifice Jesus made for you on the cross you step into the faith that pleases God and gain victory over the enemy. When your testimony is that you are righteous because of the blood of Jesus and not your own precious “good, clean, actions” you will come to know the true freedom that you have through the forgiveness of sin.

Today, Satan still uses the same message that he used in Smyrna to keep the saints in bondage to sin. His messengers sit quietly in church, do wonderful good deeds, lift their hands and praise the Lord, but when the opportunity arises they will accuse you of being sinful or of having broken “the Law.” Then they will sit you down and explain why keeping the Law of Moses is so important and that everybody knows God punishes those that break the Law! That’s why you are suffering like you are! You must have sinned and opened the door to the devil!

They accuse the saints of sin, lie about them, gossip and slander them and point fingers at them that are God’s holy ones who are learning to overcome the enemy of their souls. They elevate their doctrines of holiness through keeping the Law above that of the free gift of righteousness that Jesus gives to all who believe in Him.

Now, before you go and point fingers at the brother or sister next to you, please make sure that you are not partaking of the sin of judging another saint because of their weakness or failure, when you have done nothing to help them by revealing the truth about who they are in Christ. Often, we do this because we are so indoctrinated ourselves and have so much self-condemnation and guilt because of our own sin consciousness. Dealing with self-condemnation and guilt does not make you a Judaizer but pointing your finger at someone else’s failure to keep the “Law of Moses” does.

It is this subtle ministry of accusation that is so vicious and satanic. Grace is the most liberating and wonderful ministry that there is because it makes you completely reliant upon the wonderful work of Jesus on the cross, and the Father’s forgiveness FOR ALL YOUR SIN, once and for all. God is no longer dealing with His people through the Law of sin and death, which cannot save you, He only deals with you through the ministry of righteousness, grace and truth, which is His free gift to you.

You cannot earn righteousness. You cannot perform good deeds to be acceptable to God. You cannot do anything to qualify for anything God has freely give you. You can only receive what He has done for you through faith. Faith flows through a life of thankfulness and praise, regardless of the tests and trials you may be enduring. And this is only possible when you know by experience that Jesus has you in the palm of His hands and is with you from the beginning to the end of everything you encounter in your wonderful life.

Any good deeds you do should be done out of love and gratitude for what He has done for you and not out of trying to please Him through them. The attitude of your heart is what pleases Him.

If you struggle with understanding righteousness can I encourage you to listen to Joseph Prince for a while. And don’t let anyone or anything deter you from coming into the marvellous understanding and knowledge of the grace of God and the forgiveness of sin that is yours in Christ Jesus.

Scripture References: Acts 15; John 1:17; 2 Cor 3:7-18; Phil 3:2-3

Be faithful to Jesus! 😊


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