Smyrna 7

What does Jesus mean when He calls Himself “The End.” Remember that when Jesus talks, He always comes from a heavenly, eternal perspective and He has told us to be heavenly minded.

Being heavenly minded is simply being conscious of where Jesus is and the kingdom of heaven. Have you ever noticed that Jesus never spoke about the Roman government? His whole focus was on bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth, which did not include a physical, violent, overthrow of the Roman oppression that Israel lived under. Even when addressing Pilate Jesus said that His kingdom was not of this world, if it were His disciples would take up arms and fight.

Why would we think that after Jesus had come to preach and teach about the kingdom of heaven (eternity), then go to the cross and shed His blood for us so that we could be forgiven of all sin, ascend through the heavens and open its gates for us, in His name give us authority over all the works of the devil, equip us with heavens greatest weapon, called love, and then change His mind and revert back to using violence, which He attributed to the nature and character of Satan, to win His greatest and final battle against this world?

I think not. His kingdom is not an eye for and eye or a tooth for a tooth. He said not to fight fire with fire – or return violence for violence. He overcame the violent acts of man and Satan when He hung on that cross. Is it possible that we, just like His disciples, are still to carnally (earthly or worldly) minded that we see our only solution to peace on earth as the violent overthrow of human governments and institutions when there is no evidence in His life nor those of His disciples to substantiate this?

Have you ever noticed that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and not the works of man? His wrath is against Satan and satanic beings not humanity? Is it possible that we have misunderstood the meaning of God’s wrath from a heavenly perspective? Has He not called us to do what He did which is to enforce His victory, which He gave to us, over the devil and his angels? Has He not called us to fight a war against principalities and powers in heavenly places?

When Jesus talks about Himself as the Beginning and the End we can be sure of one thing, He is not going to change His mind in between. If He began His kingdom with, “God so loved the world,” He is going to end with, “God so loved the world!” We are and always will be IN HIM and OF HIM and from this eternal position our assignment on earth is that “We so loved the world,” and our end will also be, “We so loved the world.” Just as Jesus gave His life for the world and conquered sin and death, so will we. The plan of redemption is not going to change no matter how much we desire for Him to violently overthrow the world. Our fight is not against humanity, it is against Satan. Once we have learned to overcome Satan, we will have conquered the world.

I challenge you to think about these questions above. Do you see the last days or end times as earthly or heavenly issues? Do you think the beast, the dragon, the false prophet are people or are they satanic beings? Are the things Jesus speaks about in the Book of Revelation real or just metaphors? I think they are all real but exist in heaven and the heavenly realms from where they operate and exercise lordship over humanity, the earth, and the cosmos.

Jesus said that when we love one another he would draw ALL men unto Himself. Do you think we really understand what love means as per God’s definition? 🤔

The exploration continues …

God loves you! 💕


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