The Atmosphere

As I sat staring out the window on our way back from Johannesburg I found myself thinking about the air that I could not see and wondered what all was out there in this invisible world that I could not see with my natural eyes. I thought about the air around me filled with all kinds of things besides oxygen. There’s water, sound waves, light rays, and a host of other things. Then I heard these words come up from deep within me …

“The atmosphere is filled with words. The atmosphere is filled with words. Some words are busy creating life and others are busy creating death but regardless of which words they are they are active and alive and creating the desires that have come from the heart of the person that spoke them.”

When I look at the ocean all I see is moving water, however, just below the surface and into its vast depth there is an abundance of life and magnificent creations. It is a world I cannot see but is just as real as the one I see filled with trees, birds, and animals. The atmosphere is the same. Just because we cannot see what is in it does not mean the life in it does not exist.

In this realm called the atmosphere exists the most powerful force in the universe – WORDS.

Okay, so you may say that that is not true and that God is the most powerful force in the universe and not words. I disagree, God is the most powerful BEING in the universe, He is not a force. The force of creation that came from God came in the form of words and words are still the force that govern this creation. Not only so, God chose to put this force within you and give you the right and responsibility to use them. And one day we will give Him an account for what we did with them.

Coming back to the atmosphere around you, try and imagine it full of words.

You have release words into the atmosphere around you, positive and negative, and these words are hastening to do your bidding. If you decree that you never have enough money, those words will make sure they fulfill your desire. If you decree that you always have an abundance your words will begin to produce abundance for you.

Do not be deceived, the deep, dark secret fears in your heart will find their way into your thoughts and out of your mouth.

Once they are in the atmosphere they will team up with the forces light or of darkness to create the things you have spoken. Life and death are in the power of your own tongue.

Faith, a positive belief (outlook), and blessed attitude, will also find its way out of your heart, into your thoughts and out of your mouth.

Faith will always agree with what God has decreed even in the face of the opposite “reality.” Faith speaks. Faith creates. Faith bring life, health, wealth, and every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places into manifestation in your life.

Faith, which speaks the realities of what it sees in heaven, ignites your atmosphere with power, wonder and awe. It will speak things that are not yet seen as a “reality” in this physical universe and will, without fail, bring to pass the kingdom of heaven here on earth. Nothing will be impossible and without the power of fulfillment when you release faith filled words from a believing heart.

Words are filled with the power to create life or to bring death and destruction. The Bible says that words released from the heart that come from what we believe are the words that create. These words can be full of faith or they can be full of fear, either way they have tremendous power.

From the time we are born, before our eyes have even opened we hear words.

Babies hear the words of their mother long before they are born. At the point of birth, in all the activity going on, there is a world of sound. Words enter into your heart through the atmosphere around you. You receive them from the things people say, from TV, from the radio, from books, etc., but they all come from someone’s voice .

Hence Jesus said to take heed what you hear.

You need to be very conscious and careful about what you allow to enter into your inner being through your ears and eyes. Even your eyes are connected to words, as what you see converts into thought patterns and thoughts are words.

Think about all the things that you hear in the course of a day. All these words are affecting the way you think and believe. Negative words cause you to believe the worst and once that belief has set in your heart, your heart will release the words necessary to create what you believe. This puts a lot of responsibility for your situations at your own feet. The beauty is that you can change this anytime you want to simply by replacing the things you are listening to.

The greatest glory of words, however, is the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit and the language of heaven.

Jesus told His disciples not to do anything until they had received power from on high, or the power of heaven, which when it came manifested in them all as they began to speak in other tongues. Have you noticed that this power is directly linked to words? God knows the plans and purposes He has for you and He knows that these plans and purposes need to be spoken out into the atmosphere in order for them to come to pass. The glory is that He totally bypasses your heart or thoughts and establishes His plans for you. All you need to do is the speaking.

I had a wonderful opportunity to exercise self-control. I had been writing for about one and a half hours when I took a piece of what I had written and saved it under another name. Then I wiped out my original document and lost everything I had written. But I had been writing about controlling the tongue and my first thoughts were not praise or thanksgiving but rather words condemning me for being so stupid. These were the loudest thoughts in my mind and I now had to apply my own teachings. 😂

I had to make a choice, so I chose to thank the Lord instead. I gave praise for the things He had shared with me and just began to worship and thank Him that He would give me something new in the morning. I REFUSED to allow the words that wanted to call me stupid to proceed from my lips. I refused to consider the negative thoughts and chose to consider what God thinks of me. I then went to bed with my heart and mind in the presence of the Lord expecting to continue my life with Him in the spirit while I slept.

That night the Lord shared the most beautiful revelation with me concerning speaking in tongues. As this has to do with words and in particular the words of the realm of heaven which decree God’s plans and purposes for your life, He showed me how He had not entrusted this task to anyone else but Himself. Of all the angels and living creatures and other beings in heaven, none of them were found worthy enough to pray for you. This task was reserved only for the best heaven has – THE WONDERFUL HOLY SPIRIT.

Think about that. God said, “No one is going to pray for you but ME!” 

Gosh, not even you qualify for this position. When it comes to your life in Christ, His plans and His purposes, it was going to be done with you and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, who knows all the plans and purposes God ordained for your life, uses your mouth to proclaim and establish them. This is what it means in Romans when it says that God works all things out for your good, as you are called according to His purposes. He works these things out for you as you work with Him while praying in other tongues.

I encourage you to pray in other tongues as much as you can. It becomes easier as you practice but remember this, it is only in accordance with your will. If you do not want to pray you do not have to. However, if you want your life in Christ to grow and increase, praying in other tongues is the way He has established.

Then a very interesting thought come across my mind as I was giving the Lord thanks and praise. I was simply thanking the Lord for His kingdom and all that is in it, like the angels, the living creatures, the saints etc, (there is a lot of stuff in heaven) to come in my life and His will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

Here’s the thought, “Have you ever considered opening the door to angels? It is always preached that you open the door to the devil but how about opening the door for angels?”

I had to stop and think about that. It is not something I had ever consciously thought about, how about you? I went to make coffee and think about it . I have taught and been taught that sin opens the door to the devil, prayed against these doors, repented, closed the door etc., but never considered that there might be a door through which angels come. But think about it, God says angels are spirit beings that have been sent to minister to you and to help you.

Angels minister the Word of Life, demons minister the word of death. Sin opens the door to the devil, righteousness opens the door to angels.

The Lord then shared that the words we speak open the doors. When we speak, and here I do not just mean making decrees or confessions in prayer but also our normal everyday speech, we are releasing or opening doors which will lead us down a path or into a future filled with life or filled with death.

The Bible says God watches over His Word to perform it and when He hears His kingdom being spoken angels are released to see that those words come to pass.

Once again, your words govern your life. Through your words you are either inviting angels to come or you are inviting demons to come. Life and death is in the power of YOUR TONGUE – YOUR WORDS. You choose.

My prayer is that you choose life and live a full and happy one in the Lord.

Scripture Reference: Deut 30:19; Prov 18:31; Job 15:5; Ps 34:13; Ps 35:28; Prov 12:18; 1 Cor 1:14; 1 Cor 14:14; Jam 1:25; 1 Pet 3:10

Be enchanted with Him 🤩


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  1. Yvonne, I loved the insight on the Holy Spirit praying for us… such a powerful revelation of His Love for us once again.

    Thank God that you lost the information you were busy with 🙂 LOL

  2. Thank you so much for this revelation! Most importantly I thank God for giving you this amazing gift of writing. I know I will learn something new each time I open your emails. You are my special piece of heaven on earth😘