The Highest Throne

Have you heard of or watched the series, “Game of Thrones?” 😁 There is even an App where you can see who you look like in the game. I have never watched it so I cannot tell you much about it but the question the Lord asked me is why there is such an interest in the idea of thrones.

Forgetting the game, are you aware that your whole life as a believer is all about becoming a mature son/daughter of God and learning to sit upon His throne? Life is not about just making it through this life and moving to heaven when you die. Please, our God has so much more for His most prized possessions!

Jesus writes some amazing letters to His church in the Book of Revelation. Revelation is filled with mysteries, strange creatures, angels, seraphim, cherubim, elders that sit on thrones, lamp-stands, stars, torches, different coloured horses, and a whole host of other things. Beginning to sound like one of these fantastic digital games that have become so popular?

Do you know that Jesus said whoever reads His book will be blessed? For many the Book of Revelation is to scary and to mystical or difficult to understand. We like the end of the book but don’t want to be involved in that which is in the middle. Many Scriptures from Revelation have also been presented in such a way as to make you feel unworthy, especially the one to the Laodicean church where God says He will spit you out of His mouth if He finds you lukewarm. What if we have totally misunderstood all that Jesus has written simply because we do not understand who He really is?

Have you ever played hide and go seek, or cops and robbers, or knights in shining armour rescuing their princess and other wonderful imaginative games? Now, I want you to think about God in His true nature which is that of a loving and caring Father who only wants what is best for His kids. Imagine a dad who fulfills your every hope and desire, who protects you and who desires to have fun with you more than anything else. This is who our heavenly Father is. Look at Proverbs 25:2

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

Sounds like hide and seek to me. Our Father hides and we get to seek Him out. Revelation is just such a book. In it are mysteries and adventures all designed by the Father so that you can go seek Him out. And as you do, there will be many opportunities to conquer demons, to set people free, to overcome obstacles, to raze the kingdom of darkness to the ground and raise up the glorious kingdom of heaven. Then, at the end of the adventure of your life here on this planet, there are rewards waiting for you which the Father will shower upon you.

Jesus said that unless you become like a little child you would not be able to enter into the kingdom of heaven. This is not because it is closed to you but rather because it requires the childlike quality of an imagination that is willing to go into secret places to play, to seek, to find, to obtain and to “catch” the Father. Heaven is within you and the only way you can enter is through a childlike faith and imagination.

As I lay in bed talking to the Lord about Revelation, He told me that if I really want to understand His message to me and to the church as a whole, I would have to learn to understand it through “love glasses.” He is love, He is light, He is grace, He is kind and forgiving. In exploring the mysteries contained therein I would need to keep my imagination in line with His character of love, mercy and grace and at all times to remember the victory of the cross.

I have never journeyed through Revelation like this, but I have decided to try and experience it through the understanding of who He is. If I don’t understand then I will have to keep seeking until I have found where He is hiding, till I am sitting with Him on His throne, at His right hand, with His Son! 😊

I’m inviting you to take this real life “game of thrones” adventure with me and I hope you will experience your own adventure and end up in your own position on His throne with Him.

Let the game begin! 💟💥💨💫


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  1. Yvonne

    You have become an integral part of my Christian walk and you help me get in touch with the love from my loving Father who is in heaven. So much Gospel out there sounds condemning but thank God for you, you bring us back to reality – God loves us!

    Keep up the good work of our Heavenly Father

  2. Just discovered your blog from a FB post. Your insights are refreshing, I can relate to what you’re saying, as I, too, have spent the past year studying hyper grace, the teachings of Jesus, Revelation and the “Ferocious Longing of God,” (Brennan Manning). I’ve read several books on Revelation, particularly as how most of it pertains to the history leading up to the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, 70 AD. Very interesting, you might want to look in to it. Paul Ellis has a book out, called 70 AD, there are several others, sharing information, as well. Just about all symbols in Revelation are well explained. Other favorites are Clash of the Covenants (Michael Kapler) and It’s all about Jesus (D.R. Silva.) I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

    1. Hi Marcia
      Welcome to the blog and thanks for sharing. The Lord told me to seek Him on a journey through Revelation as the life of the believer and their overcoming the works of darkness, rather than from any historical basis. While I acknowledge the historical basis I think we may have missed the spiritual relationship between Christ and His Church. I have may unanswered questions but as I go the Holy Spirit has opened up some wonderful truths and I am excited to see how He will lead us through this perspective. I value your thoughts so please keep sharing. 😀