The Power of Thanks

“Thank you!” Have you ever stopped to consider the power of those words? These two little words are of the most powerful words in the universe. Thank you, called “giving thanks” holds the key to every breakthrough in your life. Thank you will lift you up into the unimaginable and wonderful world of the Father’s kingdom.

I know many people who are desperately hoping for a breakthrough in some or other area of their lives and yet nothing seems to be happening. Month after month the same crisis remains, shouting its words of hopelessness and despair deep into the chambers of their minds and hearts. But breakthrough is connected to a power and without that power there will be no breakthrough.

And that power is “Thank you!”

When you use the words “thank you” they reposition you and place you into the arena of faith where your thoughts become focused on the end result rather than the current perceived reality of your life. The kingdom of heaven rules and reins over every kingdom, including yours, but having it actively working within you requires thankfulness on your part.

The condition of your own heart and mind, your inner world of thoughts, plays a pivotal part in receiving your breakthrough or an answer to prayer. And only you know the condition of your own inner world. You can deceive many people through positive confessions and a charming smile, but you cannot deceive the Lord and He is the One you are crying out to. He knows whether you are thankful or not! 😊

Saying thank you to the Lord for all His goodness, His mercy, His kindness, your salvation, your healing, your finances, etc., brings you into a place of submission to Him and faith towards Him. When you say, “Lord, thank you for healing me!” you have immediately placed yourself in His kingdom where it is already a done deal. All His promises are “Yes and Amen,” in the realm of heaven and your agreement with His truth and reality will bring heaven down to earth where you need to experience the victory.

If you are passively waiting for some kind of breakthrough I promise you, you are going to wait a very long time. And I don’t care how many “breakthrough” prophesies you have received or heard. I’m not trying to be harsh with you I am being real and truthful. I have been there, waiting and waiting until the Lord got a hold of me! 😊

Giving thanks changes everything.

A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face; a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day.                   (Pro 15:13 MSG)

A cheerful heart develops through the practice of thankfulness. A sad or unthankful heart causes your spirit to break and a broken spirit cannot release faith. Without faith God has no avenue through which to bring His kingdom into your world. God has done His part, He has said “Yes and Amen” to your prayer. Now it is your turn. You open the highway, your thoughts, on which the blessing moves from heaven to earth (you).

Open your mouth wide with an abundance of thankful words and God will fill your life with more wonder, beauty, and promise than you are even able to conceive. Glorious wonder and answered prayers are all waiting for you to open the way for them to come and bring you their bountiful treasures.

Be happy and talk to God all the time! 😊 😄😂🤗😀

Lots of happiness …



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  1. Thank you to all who impacted my life, thank you to your kindness and love, may God meet you at a point where you need Him the most. YVONNE Thank you.

  2. Amen ! Amen. Daily i learn new truths from you, growing in dominion and stature in the spirit and imagine we are worlds apart!

    More grace my sister! In swahili language which is the most spoken in my country, i say `Asante sana`, meaning `thank you`

    Thank you Lord!