The Vacuum Cleaner!

“Madam, the vacuum cleaner is not working! Oh well, go and ask my mom if we can use hers.” This was about as far as it went. For the following year I used my mom’s vacuum cleaner. Until today! Today Bettie did not come to work, and we were going to have home cell. I prayed and told the Lord that I really need this vacuum to work. As I checked the pipes, they were all perfect, I noticed a small pipe inside. It was blocked! There in the centre was a stone and around it sat all the dust and dirt. No air could flow through.”

Trudie finished her testimony with how our lives are often blocked by guilt and unbelief and instead of just checking where the fault is, we shrug our shoulders and live with it by making another plan. All the while the underlying cause of the problem is so easy to fix.

When you feel like your communication with the Lord is a struggle it could be because guilt and condemnation have invaded your thoughts and gathered other little discouraging thoughts to come and hang around with them. Their chatter is heard in your mind and they constantly talk about how you’re not good enough, that God is disappointed with you or that you will never make it. Their sole purpose is to get you to stay “clogged up” so that you will find other ways to please God. This may work for a while, but it is not the solution.

Guilt, condemnation, fear, etc., are easily removed. As soon as you turn your face towards the Lord and thank Him for the wonderful blood of Jesus that your soul becomes clean and your thoughts become pure. As you trust in the work of Jesus upon the cross there is nothing that can continue to voice its foul opinions about you.

Remember, if you are in believer in Jesus Christ His blood HAS once and for all cleansed and purified you from all sin. This does not mean you don’t commit sins, it means you have been forgiven and purified IN SPITE of your sin. Sin no longer has the power to separate you form God. You are His beloved and you are one spirit with Him.

Allow the wind of the Holy Spirit’s love blow into any “clogged” thoughts in your mind. As you give voice in praise and thanksgiving to God, His wind will blow, and His grace will set you free.

Have a wonderful and productive day! 😄





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  1. Thank you so much for this special message. Just what I needed today. God bless!

    1. Hello Petro
      Be blessed and keep seeking Jesus. As you do he will keep your “pipe” clean. He loves you and His eye is upon you!

  2. Ha, I have just vacuumed the flat, and the vacuum was stopping intermittently, I knew it was clogged but I thought it would just clean that last bit of dirt. Then I read todays blog.
    I am fully aware that the clogged machine just needs to be cleaned out as I am of my own dust and dirt., but no we just endure and live with it!!

    Thanks for the reminder !