The Webs!

I had an interesting vision from the Lord over the weekend. I saw a huge black spider skillfully weaving a web around the earth. His eyes were dark and fierce, and his web dripped with an oily like substance.

The Lord had been discussing truth with Me when He gave me this vision. He said that there is a web – we call it the world wide web – that Satan is spinning, and it is dripping with lies and deceit. Looking for truth in it is very difficult as most of it comes from the children that belong to the “father of lies” and they thrive spreading lies. The news media, social media, Hollywood, etc., are not there to promote ‘The Truth” but to propagate lies, deceit and destruction and that if I need to know the truth about something I would have to find it in Him.

Then the vision changed. I saw another web being formed all around the earth. The web was being built by beautiful strings of light and each connection point shone with brilliance. It was fascinatingly beautiful as it crept through the darkness. The Lord spoke and told me not to be deceived.

His Church is creeping through the earth and He is building His kingdom. No power of darkness has the ability to stop it. The kingdoms of this world DO belong to God and His Christ and His plans and purposes ARE coming together.

There will be hatred and false accusation against the Lord and His Church from the satanic web to try and destroy our unity and he will openly broadcast the weakness and disunity of the Church to try and deceive us with an objective to separate us, however, he will not succeed in his plans for where we may seem to be at our weakest, the Lord is at His strongest.

Rejoice and be glad for you belong to a kingdom that will never fade and to a King who rules and reigns, together with His saints, forever and ever. Amen.

In Christ Alone 😊





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