Thyatira 11

I have had a really challenging time with trying to write a blog (or blogs) on this section of Revelation where Jesus noes His disapproval of some of the sins the saints in Thyatira were involves in. These verses seem to be so harsh and so contrary to a kind and loving Father. It has greatly challenged me in my own heart, and I have struggled to put my thoughts down.

But in the early hours of yesterday morning the Lord asked me whether I would stand for truth even if it cost me my ministry? My answer was not a quick, “Yes, of course Lord!” I sat quietly before Him as I pondered upon His words. Finally, I said, “Yes.”

The following blogs will not be the nicest blogs I have written because they will provoke us to righteousness and accountability before the Lord. Jesus is serious when He says He has something against us and His intent is to get us to repent of what He calls wickedness so that we might live lives of holiness and righteousness with power and authority over the works of darkness.

There are principalities and powers in the kingdom of evil that are powerful and very destructive. These are not spirits we need to be afraid of, unless we are engaging with them. One thing I know is the Lord is not intimidated by evil and neither is He afraid of offending those who practice it. The boldness the Lord has against wickedness will bring persecution and even death, but it is the only thing that will ultimately bring and end to the world of sin and death.

As we enter into the end of the age these principalities and powers will become stronger. They gain their strength through their teachings and their teachings come in the most powerful and glorious ways such as movies, songs, philosophies, politics, economics, religion, and war. Jesus names them in Revelation as Balaam, Jezebel, Satan, etc. The Book of Revelation is not a story of something that has already taken place or of something that will take place some time in the future, it is about what is happening in the world and in His church throughout the ages. Revelation was applicable in the time of John when he wrote it, is applicable now and will remain applicable as the years progress to their final culmination and the ushering in of the new heaven and earth.

Everything Jesus reveals in Revelation is applicable to you and me, the church, the world, and the realm of Satan right now. The resurrection of Jesus Christ brought in a new era, a new age, and a new creation called THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST. We are Satan’s enemy. He hates the church and He hates the Lord. The Lord loves the church and hates Satan and His works. Jesus has already conquered the realm of death and removed Satan’s legal power over humanity. However, humanity still has the choice as to whom they want to serve. Whoever chooses Jesus Christ as Lord will receive eternal life from Him, whoever chooses Satan as lord will receive his reward which is eternal death.

The most powerful thing in creation is the will of a human being. Our will to choose life or death is the most powerful and holy thing God has given us. Even as a child of God our will is sovereign, and God will not violate or enforce His will over us. Because we are powerful and sovereignly created beings our actions carry huge consequences in heaven and on earth. God is and always will be the judge and rewarder of our actions. Being sovereign means that we have the power to choose right or wrong and to take responsibility for the consequences for those choices. Adam was given authority to govern that which belongs to God. Creation did not belong to Adam; it was given to him as a trust and God has placed this same trust in our hands.

Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek (gentle) for they will inherit the earth.

God has clearly placed the decisions of life and death, blessing and cursing, peace and war, prosperity and lack, etc., squarely at our feet and not His. Our words and actions carry consequences whether we like it or not. And we, the Church, carry the power of heaven within us. Do we really think our Father will just stand by and let us abuse the grace and mercy He has given us through His Son to make a mockery of Him by flirting and committing adultery with His enemy? I don’t think so.

It is time for us, the beloved saints of the Most High God, our Father, to rise up and be counted as worthy of the eternal life He has given to us. We were bought by His precious blood to become the children of God and to live a life in honour and purity, dedicated to His cause which is to set up His kingdom on earth. You are His ambassador here on earth and you will have to return home and give an account for what you did with your heavenly assignment while here on earth.

Make no mistake, you are far more powerful than any demon that tries to attack you and collectively as the body of Christ we are far more powerful than anything in this world. The kingdom of heaven will come to earth. Jesus will be enthroned as Lord of all and He will reign on earth just as He does in heaven.

Come on, let’s arise and let’s get on with the job and bring an end to death, hell, and the grave.

Scripture References: Rev 2:19-29; Deut 30:19; Oba 1:15; 1 Pe 4:1-5; Jam 3:6; 1 Thes 4:1-4; Gal 6:8; Heb 4:13; Rom 14:12; Heb 11:6

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