Thyatira 17

There is such an interesting and powerful little drama in the letter to Thyatira and the Lord revealed it to me in such a simple yet profound way this morning.

He asked me, “How you deal with darkness?” and then put me in a dark room, I mean a thick black room, with a small sparkle of light in the distance. In the darkness of the room He asked me how I would get out. “By focusing on and walking towards the light,” was my reply. Suddenly I saw the majesty of Thyatira.

Jezebel, through her demonic teachings, leads God’s children into the sins of sexual immorality and idolatry which lead people into the deep darkness death. But, in the beginning of the letter Jesus appears as a bright star – or rather as the One who comes with eyes burning with passion and feet swiftly moving towards them. Amid the darkness Jesus shines, not as the one condemning them but as a guiding light to bring them out of the darkness. He focuses them on His light, His love, and His ways.

Focusing on the darkness (sin, faults, errors) will never lead you out into victory. As you focus on the light of Jesus, which is His love and forgiveness, it will bring a great and swift end to the hold any form of darkness has on you. Also, remember, this darkness has to do with the way you think, not with what you do. The actions of sin are simply the result of whatever your inner being is conversing with. The choice to sin is internal, not external.

This is another beautiful mystery in the letter. Jesus comes to reveal that He is the one who searches your most secret thoughts and innermost being. His light, His love for you, will draw you out of the realm of sin and death and bring you into the marvellous knowledge of His love and grace. His wonderful love for you is revealed in the magnificent reward He has waiting for you when you come out of the darkness of worldly thinking and into the wonderful light and knowledge of His thoughts and ways (doctrines).

There is a very subtle deception linked to the teachings of Jezebel, Balaam, Satan, the Nicolaitan’s, etc, and that is in how they set themselves up within your innermost thoughts as questions, doubts, and accusations against the knowledge Christ. You can never adhere to the doctrines of Christ and the doctrines of demons at the same time. Every demonic or worldly doctrine carries within it the sinister voice of accusation. It is this voice that Jesus is determined to silence in your life.

The only way you gain victory over the doctrines of this world is to adhere to the doctrines of Christ. His doctrines wrap you in His love and mercy. Mercy is the voice of your faultlessness and acceptance in the Father’s presence which triumphs or silences the voices of the accuser that try to assail your conscience day and night. Guard your thoughts by wrapping them in the love and forgiveness of God that is yours though His blood.

Jesus comes to focus your thoughts upon Him and Him alone. You learn to do this by training your thoughts to focus on His love and forgiveness, not your faults and failures. As you do your love for Him will grow and you will find yourself moving towards a life where you love righteousness and hate wickedness. All you need to do is simply turn your attention to His great love and the eternal life that He has given you.

In His light you will find the incredible and eternal rewards that He has for you.

May your day be filled with love. 💗


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