Thyatira 21

There is a promise to the holy ones, the saints, of Thyatira which is part of Jesus’ eternal promise to those who overcome the teachings and resultant sins taught by Jezebel, which is that He will give to them the morning star. This “morning star” has been a mystery to me for a long time and I have asked the Lord to reveal this to me so many times.

In rev 22 Jesus refers to himself as the morning star. If we take this verse and apply it to Rev 2, then we would read that Jesus would give Himself as the morning star to those who have overcome. This does not make sense to me. While Jesus does love to serve us, He is not our eternal servant!

Over the last week, knowing that I would have to write about it, this has really been something I have meditated on and asked questions about, again. Then these thoughts presented themselves to me.

Jesus is called the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He is the God of all gods. Could it be that He is the Morning Star of morning stars? If that were the case then the “morning star” could refer to a position of authority or rank given to those who have overcome, in which Jesus is the chief and primary morning star? This would keep in context with the rest of this passage of Scripture where Jesus promises authority over the nations to those who have overcome.

Cling tightly to all that you have till I appear. To everyone who is victorious and continues to do my works to the very end I will give you authority over the nations to shepherd them with a royal sceptre. And the rebellious will be shattered as clay pots – even as I also received authority from the presence of my Father. I will give the morning star to the one who experiences victory. So, the one whose heart is open let him listen carefully to what the Spirit is presently saying to all the churches. (Rev 2:25-29 (TPT)

The morning star and authority over the nations go together. Remember, we are talking about eternal things here, we are talking about the kingdom of heaven which is not of this world. To understand what Jesus is talking about you have to go out of this realm (earthly thinking) and into the heavens (heavenly eternal thinking). From an eternal position of rank or authority we are given authority over the nations. Now, I do not believe this is for some future time or day, but rather that it is applicable to the saints now, because we need power and authority here on earth now.

I also think that this may be why we have seen so little results to righteousness, peace, joy, prosperity, healing, etc., established in our nations. If we, as individuals and collectively, are still living in tolerance towards the teachings of a demonic world ruler called Jezebel we will not see the results we desire and will continue to see the works of darkness (pandemics, plagues, viruses, etc., vs 23) multiplying against us.

Few ministers dare to touch sexual immorality and the idolatry associated with it. They fear the persecution and the backlash that will come against them. But until we do, we will see greater destruction come our way. I believe that the current pandemic that the world is experiencing is a warning from the Lord to His SAINTS. If we do not heed His voice and deal with our tolerance towards sexual immorality and sexual sins, the next pandemic will be far worse than this one.

I do not consider myself prophetic, but I have seen a greater wave of destruction coming. Jesus warns us in His letter to Thyatira that pandemics in the form of plagues come as a result of our (the church not the world) involvement with this wicked spirit.

I have also seen a new and very powerful rank of believers arising in this hour. I stood in awe at what I saw come out of terrible destruction. I pray that we will not have to endure another and greater wave of destruction. I hear the calls to repent but I don’t hear the calls to repent connected to sexual immorality and the worship of sexual idols (the love of people who promote sexual promiscuity).

There are saints arising who are and have overcome Jezebel and they will have great power and authority over the nations. They will shine like the Morning Star, their God and King, for whom they have laid down their lives. What about you, are you one of them? I like to believe you are.

All praise and authority, power and glory be to the One who is The Bright and Morning Star. ✨


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