Thyatira 9

It has been a while since I wrote a blog on Thyatira 😊. Life with all its awesome challenges has kept me really busy with new plans and strategies to adjust to our “new normal.” Who would have thought we would enter into a time such as this where all the messages of Jesus to His church suddenly become so pertinent!

To quickly recap, Thyatira means sacrifice, by implication a continual sacrifice. Do not confuse this sacrifice with that of Christ’s sacrifice for sin which He did once and for all. Thyatira was a congregation that found itself under continual attack by the world and faced tough challenges. But, Jesus came and revealed Himself to them as the One who has fire in His eyes and feet that burn like brass in a fire. His passion for them is as hot as fire.

His passion for you is also as hot as fire. And it burns both for you and against you. As passionate as His fire is for you it is also against you when you fool around with the world. He is a loving God that has your best interests at heart, and He knows better than you do how destructive sin is to your heart and soul. He knows the hordes of darkness are out to destroy you and as any loving Father would, He will discipline you when necessary.

Any wise child knows that listening to their parent’s instruction is a sure way to avoid the pain of correction. It is no different with our Father and this is what Jesus is doing with the church in Thyatira. He commends them – loves them and is well pleased – with the good things they are doing and their desire to serve Him. But at the same time there are areas of disobedience that He is displeased with and unless those saints who are doing these things repent they are going to find themselves facing His rod of correction. Which, like any whipping, is going to be painful.

Something evil has pervaded our world today which we commonly call ‘politically correct.’ This worldly philosophy (it does not come from Scripture) causes people to come under the fear of saying something that may offend someone else’s feelings, and this same idea has many in the church under its spell. We have this idea that God is ‘politically correct’ and will not do anything that will offend us or make us feel bad. It is the idea that we can do whatever we like, and God is okay with that. WRONG! He is not. He will discipline those He calls His own.

Above all, God knows the destructive power of sin and death and that those who play with it will get burned. And this is His warning to Thyatira. It is not a warning that says I am going to kill you as in sending you to hell, but He is going to kill the things that you have produced through your own involvement with the things of the devil. Now, more than ever, we are in desperate need of our Father’s correction. Have you noticed that hardship has come over the world? This is not for the sake of the ungodly but for the sake of the saints.

God is delivering His own sons and daughters from the tyranny of the devil.

If you are the Lord’s and you refuse to participate in the things He warns Thyatira about, you will have nothing to fear. You will see blessing and deliverance, health and healing, which will blow your mind as you keep walking in your faith towards Him. This is now the finest hour of the church and it is a great privilege to be a part of His kingdom. Do not fear anything you might face; God is with you and will not turn His back on you.

But, if you are tolerant towards the things of this world and even partaking in those things and you do not repent, then the chances are that God is going to arrest you and some suffering is coming your way. This is not hatred but love. Your Father is not going to leave you in Satan’s camp. Jesus bought and paid for you with His own blood and you do not belong to yourself. You belong to the King of the universe and are highly prized by Him. He has a much higher, greater, and eternal plan for you which He considers far more valuable than your current worldly desires. You are integral to His eternal purpose in bringing heaven to earth.

As a child of God, you are very powerful. Satan knows this and wants your power. Satan is not after the world; he is after the church. When the children of God play with the children of the devil you can take it to court, DADDY is coming, and it will not be pretty.

I encourage you to examine your heart and check that you are walking in the faith. This does not mean you are perfect and never commit sin or make a mistake. It means you have a heart and mind that is seeking the Lord and desires to walk in His ways.

He is calling you to be a living sacrifice. Are you willing to be a living sacrifice unto the Lord?

God is good and He loves you. 💝


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