Unprecedented Times

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented people!

Are you aware that the people of God, the saints of the Most High, ARE the most unprecedented people on earth? That means you are something unprecedented, someone that is “other worldly,” and incomprehensibly different to the rest of humanity.

I was looking up the meaning of ‘holy’ in the Greek (Hagios) and lo and behold I discovered that the same word is also translated SAINT. That’s you and me! God calls us Saints – or the most holy ones. Come on, is that not just awesome! If only we began to think about ourselves and see ourselves as God truly sees us!

Now, mentally this is really challenging. We have been so conditioned to see ourselves as the world sees us – full of faults and failures. To make it even worse our religion is often more critical and judgemental than the world is. In these unprecedented times that we now find ourselves in it will become crucial for us to have a radical and unprecedented mind shift into who we are as saints if we are going to prevail against the enemy – the Accuser of the Brethren.

This shift that needs to take place is not circumstantial, physical, or worldly. To make this shift you will have to transfer your thoughts from the natural world into the eternal, spiritual, heavenly realms where God sits and operates from. This is not easy as it requires you to make some serious decisions as to whom you are going to believe. Very few of us have been trained to see from heavens perspective.

Jesus saw who He was from the Father’s perspective and when He declared that He was The Son of God the world and the religious rulers hated Him. He openly declared that He was not from this world and that He came from the Father and was returning to it. He openly declared that He was from another Kingdom and that He came from heaven. Now He declares that we are just like Him, here and now, but how many of us believe and declare that openly to the world. (1 Jn 4:4-6, 17)

Try telling someone that you are God’s son/daughter and that you are a most holy being that has come from heaven and will be returning to heaven once your mission here on earth is complete. Tell them you’re an alien that is only passing through this world and that you are not of this world. How long before someone begins persecuting and mocking you?

Here is the thing though. When we look at ourselves in our physical bodies, we look just like everyone else and judge ourselves according to the same faults and failures. However, in the spirit realm we look very, very, different. Demons and angels that operate in these spiritual realms can see the difference. We terrify demons and destroy the works of darkness when we know who we are. This is why Satan, which means Accuser, and his hordes are so determined to attack and persecute Christians. If they can convince us that we are mere earthly people, he will maintain some power over us.

The church has been rising in the knowledge of who she is. Now the Accuser has the whole world in chaos with one goal in mind – do whatever it takes to destroy the Christians and their faith. Please don’t be blindsided by what is going on in the natural realm. This fight is against you and your faith. I do not know what your battles in this time will be, whether you will face the virus or not, whether you will lose your job, or family, or everything you have. Maybe you will be fine and called to be a bridge for friends and family, especially those of the household of faith. All I know is that none of us are going to come away from this battle untouched. We are all called to stand up and fight the good fight of faith. (1 Tim 6:12)

When you look out at the horizon of your life where do you stand? What thoughts prevail within you? Can you see from heaven or only from the here and now earthly perspective? Are you willing to make the radical and unprecedented shifts in your inner world to enter the kingdom and to believe who you are IN CHRIST?

To unprecedented times 😊



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