What’d you SAY!

There is something so exceptionally unique to this creation. In fact, everything about this world and the universe is wrapped up in it. Without it everything would simply collapse into nothing. It is the secret to life and death, health and wealth, peace and joy. In fact, everything is upheld by and kept in place through it, and without it nothing is possible, and nothing can be created.

This incredible secret is called LANGUAGE!

As I sat reading a passage in Revelation yesterday, I stopped to ponder what Jesus meant when He revealed Himself as the Aleph and the Tav. These are the Hebrew words for Alpha and Omega (Greek) or Beginning and End (English A-Z). Aleph is the first letter and Tav the last, however, there are other letters in between. As the letters come together they form words and words come together to form a language enabling us to communicate together.

Jesus, or as He is called, The WORD of GOD, is the one who communicates the language of God. From Genesis to Revelation, everything is communicated to us through words. Here are some of the Scriptures which reveal the power of words, or language.

  1. In the beginning God said … Gen 1:3
  2. Upholds all things by the power of His word … Heb 1:3
  3. Universe was created by the Word of God … Heb 11:3
  4. The tongue (speech) has the power of life and death … Prov 18:21
  5. You will give and account for every careless/idle word you speak … Mat 12:36
  6. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks … Mat 12:34
  7. Your words either justify you or condemn you … Mat 12:27
  8. Tongues (languages) of fire … Act 2:3
  9. Speak in other tongues … Act 2:4
  10. Put His laws in our hearts and write them on our minds … Heb 10:16
  11. These are the words of Him who … Rev 2
  12. Faith comes by continually hearing the Word – VOICE – of God … Rom 10:17

Have you noticed that I am communicating with you using words? Without them we would have nothing to say and no way to communicate. The beginning and the end to everything in life is language, in particular, Jesus’ language or the things that He says.

He said that we are not to live by bread – the basic needs and necessities – of this life but by every WORD that He speaks. He desires for us to live by everything He communicates to us. And this communication is not just what you read in the Bible, but everything that He speaks to you about personally. The whole point to language is so that He is able to communicate with you.

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