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Have you ever felt confused or condemned where your “ministry” or your “calling” is concerned?

This is an area I find Christians that love the Lord often battle with. There is a desire to serve the Lord and to do that which pleases Him, yet there is this deep feeling of not achieving this or really knowing what it is, and I think that’s only because we are confused as to the definitions. Let’s talk about it a little. Here are my definitions.

What is ministry?

Ministry is simply the services performed by someone towards or for someone else.

Ministry has NOTHING to do with being EMPLOYED in a church environment.

This is the first confusion as we have this notion that being “in the ministry” is being a pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet or apostle or someone that works for a church. As a result, we have this great divide between those who work for a church and those who do not. We think that those who work for a church are “called” by God and those who don’t are simply not called by God. And this divide has issues that really aggravate the Lord because there is this underlying accepted opinion that those working for a church are somehow “better” than those who don’t. Not in Jesus’ eyes!

A ministry is a service that you render to someone else. This may be as a pastor, or a doctor, or a mechanic, or a receptionist, etc. Your ministry is not defined by who you work for but by what you do as a service to them. Every Christian is a MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL and required to serve His people. This service (job description) includes healing the sick, casting out devils, loving and caring for others, feeding and clothing the poor, preaching and teaching the good news to those around you, regardless of where you find yourself employed.

Together with the work of the ministry comes the power of God and the authority to use His name. Signs, wonders and miracles follow those who believe – those who do the work of the ministry.

However, doing the work of the ministry does not mean that you know Jesus or that He knows you. Jesus knows those that heed His calling, which is all about spending time together and developing a relationship.

For example. I have a real estate franchise group. In this group I have people I know and those that I do not know. Everyone within the organization is employed to minister – offer a work of service – to the public regarding buying, selling or letting a property. We all have the same tools, follow the same protocols, and are subject to the same laws. We are all real estate agents. Some perform better than others and receive a greater pay and greater recognition from their peers.

But this does not mean I know all of them! There are many I only know by a photo on the internet. I know they are in the organization, but I do not know them. If they had to pass me in the street I would not recognize them, let alone know their name. Neither do they know me. We have never sat together over a cup of coffee and shared stuff about ourselves with each other. If they had to come to me today and ask me for a loan or a favour I would turn them away because I don’t KNOW them. They simply serve in and belong in the organization.

Then there are those who work closely to me and choose to spend time with me so that they can get to know me. Some work close to me, in my own office, but I don’t know them. Outside of the office we have nothing to do with each other. Regardless of the proximity of a person’s position to me or the remuneration we each receive for our roles and functions in the organization, we do not know each other. We are not friends and as such they don’t get to share in the things in my home and my life.

But, just because I don’t know them does not mean they are not in and a part of my organization! Just because Jesus may not know you like He wants to, does not mean you do not belong to His kingdom and are not going to heaven! You still belong to His kingdom! Do not get condemned!

(However, if I ever find someone using my name and my tools to do business without being a member of my organization, beware, for wrath is coming! It’s no different in the kingdom of heaven. There are some (not everyone) that use His name and His kingdom illegally. These are the ones that need to beware.)

The level of service you chose to render to others concerning the ministry of Jesus Christ is up to you. You can do this with a genuine love in your heart for what you do or with no love at all. It is simply a service that you render.

It is also a service that brings rewards, or payment. Jesus clearly said that the labourer is worthy of his hire and He does not short pay anyone. You are employed as a labourer in His kingdom (organization) and you will get paid (or awarded) for all that you do.

Doing the work of the ministry, wherever you are, is extremely important to the Lord. It is your part in the advancement of His kingdom here on earth. He needs you and is grateful for all you do in His name, especially when you do it in honour of Him and His kingdom. He will never forget any labour of love that you show His people and will reward you. (You will need these rewards in heaven, as your life is eternal)

Keep doing the work of the ministry. Love His people. Do good to those around you. Be the salt and the light of Christ to those around you. It is all good. Whether you do little or much, do it in the name of the Lord and you will be rewarded.

Your “calling” however is far greater and comes with much higher rewards …

Till tomorrow …

Have a wonderful day 😊





Scripture References: Matthew 7:21-23; Luke 10:7; Hebrews 6:10; 2 Corinthians 5:10; Ephesians 4:11-13

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