I have a little dog, Pompom, (image attached) who loves accompanying me when I go walking on the beach. Her greatest joy is to chase the seagulls. When I see one I point it out to her and say, “Get em!” and she takes off like lightening. If she sees them first she just runs without waiting for any command from me. She also thinks she is the biggest dog on the beach and will attack anything. (Some of the seagulls are bigger than she is 😊)

While taking pleasure in watching her the Lord spoke and said, “That’s what you ought to be doing with devils! When you see them run at them and chase them with all you have and with as much fun as you can imagine. When you run at them they panic and flee. They don’t know what else to do with someone that goes for them. They may fly around and land again but if you chase them two or three times they will move out of your space in sheer frustration.”

As usual, I was challenged by the image of having fun chasing devils! Most of the time demons conjure up negative and depressing images and emotions not exciting and happy ones.

Yet, it is the happy, exciting, fun of the Lord is our strength and we are meant to be like kids playing with their DAD.

Every time Pompom successfully displaces a seagull she runs back and jumps on me for her pat of approval and “Well done!” Hearing the delight in my voice just encourages her more. As far as she is concerned the whole beach and ocean belong to her and she will chase everything that gets in her way, including huge dogs and people!

It is the same with our DAD. He gets delighted when we go and mess up the plans and purposes of demons when they intrude in our space. As far as He is concerned the whole earth and the universe belong to us and we have the “right of way.” Every intruder that brings you trouble and heartache, stress and fear, is there for you to have fun with and to chase away.

The key is in having fun. This is how you honour the Lord. In His presence is fullness of joy – happiness, fun and laughter. When you walk through your life in the joyful presence of the Lord nothing will stand in your way.

Don’t worry, be happy! 😊





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