A relationship with Jesus Christ is supposed to be anything but boring, mundane and repetitive. Most Christians don’t pray and spend time with the Lord because it feels and looks so lifeless, and besides, how often do you get answers to your prayers anyway? Their hope is that when they get to heaven it will be okay and that then life with God will be exciting and have meaning. Others have a prayer life because it is “the thing to do” and follow specific formats and prayers that will hopefully please God and get Him to do something. Sadly this is also often to no avail.

Christianity is all about you being enchanted by God and God being enchanted with you.

The word “enchant” has two meanings. The second one is quite popular and well known and that is to cast a magic spell on someone or to bewitch them. To bewitch, from a Christian perspective, is to draw someone away from the grace of God and lead them back into the law. Jesus, through His grace leads us out of the law and into the freedom of His kingdom.  He leads us out of the bewitchment of the devil and into the enchantment of His light and love.

The first definition of enchant is to attract or hold the attention of someone or something by being interesting and attractive. This attraction causes someone to be deeply moved and roused to ecstatic fascination.

The Lord is out to enchant you!

He is out to draw your attention to Himself and to reveal things about Himself to you that are absolutely, mind bogglingly fascinating and to show you things in the kingdom of heaven that will keep you searching and discovering new things with awe and exhilaration.

Jesus wants you to know Him. To know Him is to be excited about Him and to experience Him. He is inviting you to abide in Him, to live where He lives, to eat what He eats, to drink what He drinks, to do what He does and to know what He knows. He wants your whole life to be captivated by Him. He wants your hopes and dreams to be about Him. He wants your plans to be about Him. He wants to be where you are, to live with you, to eat and drink with you and to have fun with you.

If you are seeking an enchanted life with the Lord, then I encourage you to just sit back, relax and imagine something about God that fascinates you. If nothing comes to mind, then just sit quietly and talk to Him. Ask Him to show you something. It may be something as simple as a flower and its beauty or as complex as how it’s made. Wherever your imagination takes you, flow with it. Keep your thoughts pure, lovely and of good report. Keep yourself within the bounds of His love and grace.

The love of Christ be with your spirit!





Scripture references:

John 10:14, Philippians 4:8, Ephesians 3:20-21

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