Mind Reading!

Can the devil, or devils, read your mind or not? This is a good question and I have been of both opinions – yes he can, and no he can’t.

So, which is it? Here is what I saw (as in a vision) yesterday during my conversation with the Lord. As we “thought” together about whether the devil can read minds or not this is what I saw.

I saw myself having the conversation with Care and that he was very anxious and seemed really stressed out. He NEEDED to speak to me and get my attention. When I chose to converse with Care he was able to release a smell that would affect my feelings. My feelings of fear and anxiety released a chemical that he could smell and feel and the conversation intensified. As the conversation – the fearful thoughts in my head – intensified so did my emotions. Not nice!!

But then the Lord spoke! As Care and I heard Him there was a flash of light. I heard the Lord’s voice clearly, but Care didn’t! He became confused and frightened. I became fully conscious of the light and the darkness that was present. Care did not know what to do and was desperate to keep talking to me. He was really afraid! And angry!

I looked at the Lord and we began talking. The more we “thought” together the greater His light shone around me. I no longer saw care, neither did I feel his presence. I was thinking with the Lord and there was no fear and no care. In fact, I had forgotten all about “my sales and the economy”. I was having too much of a good time thinking about whether or not devils can read minds! I turned to look for Care but he was nowhere to be seen!

In conclusion, devils can read your mind only when your thoughts are engaged with them. You can talk to demons and they can talk to you! Jesus, the disciples, Paul and devils all spoke to each other in the Bible. Read the temptations of Jesus, this is about conversations with the devil! The difference is Satan could not get to Jesus’ emotions. Jesus was far to aware of His Father’s presence and “smell” inside Him.

Paul taught that when your mind is focused on this world, he called it a sinful mind, it will release the power of death into your life. But when your mind is focused on Jesus, called being heavenly minded, you release the power of life or of God. Demons interact with you and know what you are thinking when you are focused on the things of this world, God and angels interact with you when you are heavenly minded. Satan, demons and devils do not know what is happening or what you are talking about when you are engaged with God, for darkness cannot comprehend the light!

God is the only one that can “read minds” anywhere, anytime. He knows your thoughts and your words before you do anything. He sees the end from the beginning and nothing is hidden from Him. He is all powerful, knows everything, and is forever present with you. He will never leave you, never forsake you, and always care for you. All your need to do is “think” with Him.

Have a “thought” filled day 😊





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    1. Hello Mark, I trust you are well. Be blessed and continue in you faithful quest to seek the face of the Lord. He sees you!