Philadelphia 15

There is an enchanting promise that the Lord gives to the saints in Philadelphia where He promises to keep them from the hour of trial that is coming to test the whole earth because they have passionately persevered with their faith in His message.

What is “the hour of trial” that comes to test ALL the inhabitants of the earth? Is this some future test and trial coming to test those who are alive at that time (our tribulation theory) or is it something that happens to every person on earth? The truth is that every generation faces tribulation, and even great tribulation. And none of them were rescued out of those troubles. Like the Israelites in Egypt God kept them and brought them safely through the trouble and into His heavenly kingdom.

I think that the great tribulation, test, and trial that every person on earth faces is called death. I also think this is the deep darkness that covers the earth. Death is the final enemy that we are called to conquer so there is no other enemy that could be greater. Death is the enemy people fear most and many live their lives, conscious or not, as if they were going to live forever. Eternal life is the deepest hope and desire that God has placed within the human being.

Remember, these saints were encouraged and praise for their endurance and perseverance under extreme tests and trials. Sounds like great tribulation. Jesus is commending them for staying faithful to His message and promised to keep them from the greatest tests they would face, which is death. He promises that those who remain faithful to the end would receive the crown of life and not the hour of trial. If we take the hour of trial and the crown of life as spiritual and eternal, then the hour of testing is the hour in which you face death. However, your hour of death will not be a test because God will at that hour bring you safely into His heavenly kingdom.

The realm of death is a spiritual place, or another dimension. Existence does not expire when the body dies. Currently a person’s spirit and soul depart to the realm that they have served and desired to be a part of. Commonly called hell. If I were going to be spared from great tribulation, I think hell would be it. The “hell” or “great tribulations” that we think we are experiencing on earth do not compare to any test or trial in the spiritual realm of death.

So, beloved, no matter what situations you face on earth, no matter how difficult and painful they may seem, know this, DEATH HAS NO VICTORY OVER YOU. Jesus said that in this world we WILL face tribulation, but to be of great cheer because He has overcome the world. Your persevering faith in Him now causes you to overcome the world. There is nothing this world nor its god can do to prevent you from entering the wonderful world your Father has prepared for you because you love Him and faithfully hold onto His message.

Jesus conquered this world through His death and resurrection, and you are now a partaker in His death and resurrection. You are a child of heaven and that is where you are going. So, take heart and be cheerful, for there is no sickness or disease, no homelessness or poverty, no imprisonment or torture, no angel nor demon, nor anything else you face, good or bad, that will be able to separate you from the eternal life your Saviour has given to you.

Please do not be afraid of the things that go on in this world. Hard times are upon us and there is tribulation. This is a season of forced and difficult change, but our best days are ahead of us. As a child of the King remember – YOU WERE BORN FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS. Your life’s purpose is the Kingdom of Heaven and not the earth. Great are the awards that await the overcomers. Be bold, be courageous. Stay faithful and rejoice, for great is the One who lives in you.

Love and blessings


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