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Jesus’ letter to Sardis is both delightful and sobering. It is the only letter addressed to a church in which He has nothing to commend them for. But still he comes with one of the most beautiful revelations about Himself to help them overcome their shortfall.

This is the beauty of the Lord in your life. He NEVER addresses your shortcomings before He has revealed Himself to you first. This is because His desire is to draw your attention towards Him and away from the things of this world. Sardis was a church that had a fantastic reputation! They were considered “alive” unto God in their service of Him, yet to the Lord it was like death. Not a good thing.

But before addressing any issues the Lord appears to them in absolute wonder and awe. He appears with the seven spirits that are before His throne as well as the seven stars. The stars are the seven angels that have charge over His whole church and the seven spirits stand before His throne in heaven. These are the majestic beings of heaven that He brings to them to help them come out of their “fantastic but dead religion” and into the eternal life in the heavens, or a life that is alive with Him at His throne.

There was a huge part of His kingdom that was missing in their service to Him, and that was the spiritual realm and the reality of the things that take place at the throne of God. The throne of God is a majestic place, far more exquisite and glorious than you can imagine and everything and everyone around the throne has been assigned to the church – that is to you specifically – to help you in your walk with the Lord.

The question you need to ask yourself (me included) is just how much do you know about the seven stars or angels that govern over the church, and what do you know about these seven spirits that are before His throne? How much of what takes place at the heavenly throne do you participate with, engage with, and encounter in your life with the Lord?

For many years in my life I would have had to answer, “None!” 🤷‍♂️ I was clueless. Most of my focus in prayer and service was earthly and everything else was put off into the realm of eternity – once I had died and gone to heaven. Talking to angels was specifically prohibited. I could talk to demons but not angels. Seriously, how backward is that. You can talk to your enemies but not to those who have been assigned to help you.

Thankfully, this is changing. Angels are real and they are involved in your whole life. The early church was so active with angels that when Peter was released from prison and appeared at the door where they were praying they simply told the young girl who came to call them to open the door that she must have just seen his angel. Imagine! They had more faith in seeing Peter’s angel than they did in seeing Peter!

I encourage you to go and read Acts chapter 12 and pay attention to how the angel worked here with Peter. God works with His angels in your life and in the days and years to come you are going to see an increase in the wonderful angelic realm that the Father has put in place to help you.

If you are still new to the angelic realm, ask the Father to begin revealing this wonderful heavenly truth to you. Without angels you will be powerless against the spirits of religion that want you to think you are alive unto God but in fact will keep you bound to death.

Have an angelic day!


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