Sardis 30

The chastisement of the Lord! WOW! How I used to avoid this horrid word and the images it conjured up in my mind. Images of God on His throne being upset with me (or humanity) and about to release His displeasure in some unsuspecting way.

In the previous blogs I shared how I felt that the anger of the Lord is eternal death, but then there are the chastisements of the Lord which appear in our lives as hardships, uncomfortable and unpleasant tests, and trials. Why? Why is it necessary for God, being loving, merciful, and kind to find it necessary to put us through these painful experiences. Why can’t we just have everything perfect all the time? Why do we need to suffer?

For me, the only way any of this makes sense is when I see from an eternal perspective and this is the perspective that we should be looking from. Our Father, who sits in eternity is not subject to this world nor the things in it. He looks at you from where He sits and sees the most precious and beloved creature in the universe and this wonderful creation is His child. But, like all children do, we like to play with things that are dangerous, which are the things of this world.

He warns us constantly to take heed to the things we see and hear. He warns us not to be involved with the things of this world because this world is at war with you. He reveals your enemy called sin (you are not sin, you have an enemy called sin) and warns you to stop playing with it. He warns you through His Word, through the lives of others, through His apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists. He releases angels to minister to you, visions and dreams to warn and to guide you, and most of all He has given His Holy Spirit to you as your Counsellor and Comforter. He has given you everything you need for life and godliness through the knowledge of His Son and blessed you with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. He has purified you from sin through His blood, healed you through His stripes and delivered you from death. He has gone to hell and back for you so that you can arise and rule over your enemies called sin and death.

But, for all that God has done, the saints still disobey the loving instructions of their Father and rebel. This is the whole point to His letters to the church. Rebellion, however, Scripture says is like the sin of witchcraft. Of course, none of us like to think we are involved in such evil because we know witchcraft is about satanic rituals and calling up the dead, casting spells, etc. Witchcraft empowers the kingdom of darkness or calls up the works of the devil which are sin, death, and destruction.

For example, the Lord warms His beloved saints in His letter to Thyatira (which includes you and me) not to play with Jezebel, her teachings, and practices of sexual immorality. This rebellion, or witchcraft, releases plagues which result in death and destruction. Sound familiar? Those that “climb into bed with her” become partakers in her punishment which are deadly plagues. It was the people’s desire to fraternise with their enemy that called up the judgement they desired. Yes, people love death and destruction.

Understanding eternal judgment (God’s eternal decrees) become so important here. At the cross Jesus overcame all the demonic, heavenly principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness that have lordship over humanity. He is now the Lord of all, and God has set eternal punishment in place which is for the punishment of these demonic beings. Jezebel desires the destruction of humanity through her evil teachings and practices. There comes a point where God says, “Enough” and a judgment comes. It is His judgment upon ungodly systems that destroy His people. It is NOT a judgment to destroy people but to release them from the bondage under which the god (or gods) of this world have them held captive.

To be continued … (Sardis 31 is on the web so if you want to continue reading you can go and take a sneak peek 😊)

May your week be filled with love and blessing.


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  1. Hi Yvonne.

    Thank you for your blogs, I enjoy reading them. If worldly things keep going wrong is it not just life and current circumstances or is it that we are being judged and tested by God. We work hard and I think live a good life, maybe not perfect. But we have been through 8 years of putting in hard work but just dont seem to get a breakthrough. I believe God sent us here, why are these hardships carrying on. We live a wonderful life on a farm but it breaks my heart to see my husband put in the hard work to get wrong prices or soil problems or weather problem basically everything out of our control goes wrong. For a man head of the house I see how much he is hurting and broken. What can I do or pray for…..

    1. Hello Carla

      Thank you for reaching out. I have private messaged you. Please check that you received my email.

      Lots of love