The Company I Keep

Anger, disappointment, despair, depression, hopelessness, worthlessness, hatred, and other sinister evil companions gather in the secret places of the mind. Surely nothing good will come out of this meeting. Their company is corrupt, and their goal is destruction. Quietly, secretly, they slowly gather. One by one greeting you with their soft, reaffirming salutations of your life that is falling apart. You have reason to be angry, reason to be disappointed, reason to hate, reason to feel depressed. Why is life so hard and why, oh why, is God not answering you?

At first their company seems so reassuring, so friendly, so inviting, and their words so true. Sipping on their wine, filled with sadness, sorrow, guilt and condemnation, they assure you that you are forsaken, you won’t make it, life is unfair. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to make some new decisions. Get away, far away from those who are the cause of your life going wrong. They will never change. They don’t love you, and God, has He ever really shown you love? Look at your life. It does not look like He cares. If He did you would not be in this situation.

Bad company corrupts good morals.

So often we think of bad company being people we consider creepy, unwholesome, ungodly, unsavoury. Yet there are other beings or entities, Scripture calls them demons, that we are often unaware of because they hide themselves in the corners of our thoughts, out of sight but not unheard. In their shrouded and hooded capes, they glide through the recesses of our minds engaging in our conversations, pretending to be us, and gently lead us into their captivity. Once in captivity it becomes so hard to silence their voice.

But, deep within, is the sound of other voices. There’s another gathering …

Soft and gentle. Kind and entreating. It’s the voice of Hope. There’s the sound of singing as Joy appears. Soon the voice of Faith joins in, so does Victory and Peace. There’s another company of beings, Scripture calls them angels, who walk in the openness of our hearts. Strong and powerful, no hidden agenda’s, they call out His name. They call out your name and entreat you to come to the King. He is waiting. He is longing for you. Will you call? Will you come? Soothing, warm and loving their voice draws you deeper, deeper ….

Corruption hears their voice. They panic. They shout. Desperate to keep your attention. They fear Him. They fear you! “You cannot respond! You must not respond! It’s a lie, it’s a lie!” They shout in unison creating a cacophony of confusion as they run in terror. “Run with us, run with us.” They call to you in desperation ….


Listen to the music, the melody, the call. Who is this calling? It is Jesus. Warm and gentle, like an evening breeze, His words of love and acceptance can be heard above the corrupt din. “Arise My beloved, arise! Come away with Me and let your soul find rest. Come on up to where I dwell, and I will nourish you and show you things you do not know. I will teach you wisdom and give you understanding. I will instruct you in the way of righteousness and lead you along paths of justice. Learn of Me, be with Me, fellowship with Me and I will show you how to win and teach you how to prosper. Together we will bring glory to the Father.”

Let your heart sing! 😊





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