Homing Beacon!

Condemnation is like a homing beacon, it lets you know when you are going off course.

A homing beacon is an acoustic device (i.e. a voice) that allows you to track where something is going. In our case, it allows you to track where you are going – in the right or wrong direction.

There is a character flaw that the devil has and there is nothing he can do about it. He has no power available to change it and God uses it as a wonderful tool to help you recognise him. It is called condemnation. Whenever you sin or do something wrong there is some devil or demon somewhere that just cannot wait to jump on your back to condemn you. They can’t help it, it’s in their nature. Their only hope is that you don’t recognise it and as a result turn to the Lord and rebuke them. They are desperate to keep your attention upon your guilt and sin so that they can keep control over you.

There is another homing beacon that is far greater than that of condemnation – the cross of Jesus Christ.

This beacon too speaks to you and desires to lead you, however, it is the voice and the sound of love and forgiveness and justification. It shouts out your forgiveness deep into the night and the world of darkness. When you hear it, and follow it, there is no power of hell that can stop it. It will lead you in the path of righteousness and the way of life. It will bring you into the kingdom of your Father and cause you to stand tall, to triumph and to reign over death and condemnation. It will bring to heel every work of darkness and cause you to tramp upon the enemy.

If you feel condemned, guilty or ashamed, take note of the beacon you have been following and turn away from it. Simply turn your heart towards Jesus, listen for the voice of His blood that forgives, restores and completes you.

Therefore, there is now no condemnation, no guilty verdict or punishment, for those who are in Christ Jesus and who believe in Him as their personal Lord and Saviour. For the law (homing beacon) of the spirit of life which is in Christ Jesus, the law of your new being, has set you free form the law (homing beacon) of sin and death. Romans 1:1-2.

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