Very Happy DAD!

Do you know that you serve a happy DAD?

God is happy all the time and He is especially happy about you!

Why? Because you believe in His Son. That’s all it takes to make Him happy. So, if life is stressing you out, go sit on your Father’s lap and listen to Him laugh and let His laughter fill you up.

For many believers seeing God as a happy God is almost impossible. But the word blessed means to be supremely happy. If you read the word blessed as supremely happy then a scripture like 1 Timothy 6:15 reads as follows, “God, the supremely happy and only Ruler …”

Religion, however, through the preaching of, “you must not sin etc.” has left us with a mind that is focused on trying to be good Christians. This results in a lot of effort with a lot of failure, which produces a lot of disappointment, frustration, and most of all guilt and condemnation. In other words, it produces a lot of SAD Christians.

God’s plan through Christ is, and always will, be to make you happy. Yes, emotionally happy!

In Genesis 1:22 God blessed Adam and Eve (He made them very happy) and said, “Be fruitful and multiply”.

Notice how they were first happy and then increased and multiplied. We often think that we will be happy once we have increased and multiplied but this is not true. You increase and multiply when you are happy.

Most of all, supremely happy, jumping up and down and behaving foolish, are those who know that their SINS HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN. When Jesus died on that cross for you, God, the Eternal Judge, judged you and declared you, “Not guilty!” You are not guilty of sin anymore, you are not being judged for sin anymore, and you are not being held accountable for sin anymore. God’s whole purpose for sending Jesus was so that sin no longer has power over you and that you can freely come into the presence of a very, very happy God who loves you with every fiber of His being.

Bringing you into the knowledge and experience of this freedom from sin is what the foundational doctrines of Christ are all about. His purpose is to bring you into a supremely happy place in the realm of His kingdom – the heavenly realms.

Now, close your eyes and see God laughing. See Him happy. See Him washing away your sin. See Him wrap you in His arms of love and say, “Be still and know that I love you.” Then, let Him kiss you on the cheek and listen to Him whisper His words of love over your heart and soul.

Be happy 😊 😊 😊 😊

Scripture References: Gen 1:22; 2 Cor 5:19-21; Rom 3:19-26





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