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As I lay in bed this morning, musing with the Lord, my thoughts drifted from the chaos of the things happening in the world to what was going on in heaven. To my delight I saw something wonderful. He spoke a Scripture from Ephesians that just lit up my soul with joy and delight.

His intent was that now, through the church the manifold wisdom of God would be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to His eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Eph 3:10)

Forget about what is happening on earth right now, look at what has been and is happening in the heavens! In the heavenly realms, from where Satan governs the earth through the souls of men, Jesus is revealing the wonder, power, and majesty of HIS CHURCH! That is, you and me. He is revealing US and our power, glory, majesty, and authority in the heavenly realms. He is destroying the works of Satan through us.

It is very easy to criticise the church from an earthly perspective where we are still in the process of working out our salvation and righteousness, however, in the heavens we are IN Christ. In Him we are holy, righteous, and sinless in His sight. Over the years, and centuries, the Church has been growing, both in numbers and in holiness. Granted, many are at different levels of overcoming the enemy, but this does not make them any less worthy in the kingdom of heaven.

Think about this, Jesus said that the least, or the person with the lowest position in heaven, is greater than John the Baptist and John the Baptist was greater than all the Old Testament prophets. So, the lowest (weakest and most sinful) person in the kingdom is greater than John the Baptist and all the Old testament prophets. This is both crazy and majestically wonderful at the same time! Who can fathom the greatness of the Father’s love that He bestowed on us when He offered up His Son to be our Redeemer? And redeem us from sin, sickness, hell, and the grave He has surely done.

In the kingdom of heaven though, there are levels of maturity, position, rank, and authority. Just like in a family or a business organisation. Before the Father we are all His precious, holy, righteous, and sanctified children. This has nothing to do with position or authority. Before the Father as His children we are all equal, but some serve Him more than others and as they mature in their service (which is NOT about how big your ministry is!) the more He entrusts them with His power and authority in the heavenly realms.

So, despite there being siblings in the family that are still learning to overcome the enemy of their souls, others have grown up and overcome. These are the “adults” in the kingdom, and they are bringing down the power of the wicked one. All I can tell you is that it is an incredible honour to serve the King of Righteousness and to wage war with Him in the heavenly realms! 😊 Sometimes hard on the body but exhilarating in the soul and the spirit.

As I mused with the Lord, He showed me this hierarchy in the heavens. You have Jesus Christ above all. He is seated upon the highest throne and His kingdom rules overall. Directly beneath Him is the Church and the entire angelic host has been given to serve and work with the Church, because she is one with Him. Directly under the Church is Satan and his kingdom of demons. Under Satan’s control is the world and all that are in it. Please note your position is not under but above that of this world.

The problem comes in when our weaker siblings that are still messing around in Satan’s domain and do not want to repent and serve their Father and the purposes of His kingdom. When the adults are doing their kingdom business, they destroy satanic power. This causes Satan and His kingdom to go crazy, because they are afraid, and to take it out on humanity that is under their control. This conflict then manifests itself on earth in the crazy scenarios we now face.

Is this Covid-19 and economic upheaval the judgment of God? Yes, it is but please remember what is actually going on. This is not because God is angry with humanity. He, and His mature saints, are angry with the works of the devil against humanity and the cosmos. This is a judgment against the very enemies Jesus reveals to His church in His letters in Revelation. It is a judgment against the teachings of the Nicolaitan spirit, Balaam, Jezebel, the synagogue of Satan, and every other doctrine of demons. The Book of Revelation is all about the Victory of the Lord AND His Church over the powers of darkness. This war will continue until we (the church) have conquered the heavens and brought the kingdom of heaven to earth.

Warning: If you have been playing around in the world and its systems then you have positioned yourself under its judgment and you will feel it. God will allow your suffering to work as a rod of correction to bring you to a place of repentance so that He can deliver you and bring you into His marvellous light – your marvellous position of glory in Him.

A time of judgement has begun. God is shaking ungodly systems, beliefs, and theologies. This judgment against the wicked one and his ungodly followers is to bring his systems down. Satanic systems, beliefs and philosophies show themselves through money, politics, religion, and sex.

The trumpets of God are sounding, and the call is going out, “Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you – His CHURCH!” Put the trumpet of praise to your lips and go out with joy and singing, knowing that your enemy is being defeated before your very face!

Will you heed the call? I believe you are! 😊

Scriptures to muse upon: Ephesians 3:1-0-21; Is 60:1-7

To the call! 🎺


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