Do you know what it means to be “smothercated?” No! And if you had to look in a dictionary you would not find it either because it came out of the realm of heaven.

In a meeting one evening one of our precious brothers kept praying that the Lord would “smothercate” us. This made me smile and the word has not left me, so I think I will interpret it for you.

To smother is to envelop in a dense cloud, like a fog. The glory of the Lord is often manifest as a dense cloud so in this case it resembles the thick, dense, water filled glory of the Lord.

To suffocate is to kill through the removal of air preventing someone from breathing. Now this is terrible but not when you use the word “smothercate.”

To “smothercate” (my definition) is to be so enveloped by the thick presence of the Lord that it suffocates every stressful thing that comes against you while the Lord smothers you with the thick glory of His love! 💕

Today I pray that the glory of the Lord “smothercates” you and fills you with much peace and joy.

To God be the glory!


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  1. Yvonne,

    I am smothercated!!!!!!!!!!!

    Funny how the Spirit revealed to me the mystery of the word as I laid my eyes on it. Indeed He is great!

  2. Thats so sweet, thanks Yvonne, I accept your blessing. Same back at you and yours.

  3. Indeed the things of the spirit are foolishness to those who are perishing but for us who are in Christ they are peace and life,we thank the Lord