Thyatira 18

Deep satanic secrets. Have you ever wondered what the deep things or secrets of Satan are? What kind of things come to your mind when you think about “satanic secrets?”

For me these are obviously satanism, voodoo, blood sacrifices and every other sinister occultic stuff that I have been indoctrinated with. While these are all a part of ungodliness these are not the things that Jesus refers to in His letter to Thyatira. In His letter He refers to the teachings of Jezebel with which she lures believers into sexual immorality and idolatry as the “deep secrets” of Satan. Her subtle teachings are where the danger lies, not the acts. The acts are simply a result of her teachings which have gained ascendency in a person’s mind causing them to fall from their position of grace.

The problem we face is our acceptance of her teachings in our own inner thoughts and beliefs, and this is what Jesus is after. His passionate love for us is His weapon that He uses to defeat the teachings of Jezebel in our lives. He comes with His teachings to overthrow and utterly destroy the works of darkness in our hearts and minds.

Jesus is after your heart and mind. Not only will His love for you destroy the teachings of Jezebel within you, it will empower you to take back your position of authority, especially in the heavenly realms – your heart and soul.

And once you have gained victory over these teachings there is nothing else that Jesus looks for from you. This victory is so sweet and awesome to the Lord that you will have made it successfully into the kingdom to receive your eternal, heavenly reward. Imagine that. You are going to live forever in your Father’s kingdom. There, with Him, you will have authority over the nations! What all that means is still a mystery, but I can assure you, you would not want to miss this! (Rev 2:18-29)

Jesus encourages you to overcome the thought patterns that would convince you that it is okay to commit sexual sins and to partake in other worldly activities that are not of the kingdom of heaven. The way you overcome is to know Him in a loving and intimate way. Knowing His immense and compassionate love for you is your victory. Remember, Jesus came to introduce you to the Father, to be born from above and to know who you are to Him.

In His glorious eternal presence, you are without sin, fault, or blame. This is not a reality that happens when you “die” and leave the planet, this is true in heaven concerning you right now. As He is so are you in this world. The only way to overcome the “deep secrets of Satan” is to become firmly rooted in the teaching and experience of God’s amazing grace and love for you personally.

If you will cling tightly to the Lord, which means to keep your thoughts and emotions firmly entangled with His love, you will overcome. Not only will you overcome but you will find a place that is so sweet in your soul that it will be hard for any satanic notion to get to you. This is simply called, “Jesus is Lord.” And as you cling tightly to the knowledge of the Lord and His love for you in your inner being, you will see Him appear to you. His appearing is not a once off distant event, it is a continual appearing that happens in your mind. This appearing is like the dawning of a new day. As the sun rises everything gets brighter and clearer. The more He appears the greater the kingdom of heaven is advancing in you.

Love conquers all and He is working at conquering you! You are His plan, you are His life, you are His hope, and you are His dream come true. You are everything to Him and you are the sum total of His wealth! How valuable and cherished you are!

In His great love 💖


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