The Eternal “NOW”

As I lay “surfacing” in bed this morning a thought kept appearing in my mind. When this happens, I know that the Lord is speaking and looking for me to pay attention to what He is saying. This is the thought;

“God lives in the Eternal NOW!”

Have you ever considered the word “now”? I began to think about the word “now”, and concluded that “now” is a split second in time and space. As soon as you say, “Now”, the moment is over and you are in another “now”. Therefore, the word “now” is from another place. Look at what Hebrews 11:1 says,

Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen.” (TPT)

If you try to relate “now” to time and space you would be living in a constant state of “now”. Two seconds ago would no longer be “now” as it is in the past and two seconds ahead is not “now” either as it is still to come. After thinking about this I see “now” as heaven coming into the realm of time and space, or creation.

If faith belongs to “now” then it would also be a continuous moment. In other words, faith is a constant state of reality or truth. This is why, or how, God is able to call things that are not currently manifest in creation as though they already were. God lives in the “now” and from His point of view it already exists. It came into existence from the moment you asked. The key to it becoming manifest is your belief – your trust and confidence in God – that it is already a done deal.

The key is for us to move into the realm of “NOW”. This means that you need to take yourself (your thoughts and imaginations) out of the realm of time and space and step into the realm of eternity, the realm of NOW – and see from there and not from here on earth.

I want you to try the following exercise. Think of something that you desire of need form God. Once you have established your thought or desire, take it out of the realm of time, where it is not yet seen, and step into eternity and see it there. This may take some practice but once you can see it as a finished and answered thing you can step back into the “now” and it will be as though it already is established. Once you are able to see from the perspective of heaven here on earth, you are living by, or in, faith.

Have a blessed day.





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